Mirror Rose

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Mirror Rose is a truly stimulating visual experience! This piece incorporates many contrasting colors and diverse sets of lines that make it very visually appealing. It uses bold, rounded lines that keep the mind moving across the canvas as well as soft brush strokes that create a dynamic, modern background. These different styles contrast one another in manner that is both fascinating and beautiful rather than strange and out of touch. This painting certainly feels like a celebration of life and is solidified through it's incorporation of the many deep rich colors which give this painting great dimension and life. The swift brush strokes seen throughout the piece portray an interesting background and create a balance that make the painting a soothing and elegant addition to any room helping to strike a balance between the busy world outside and the sanctuary of your home. The subject of the piece is a simple but graceful series of flowers, that are delicate and soothing to view, but give a unique, whimsical presentation that makes it more fun to engage with and adds a buoyancy to the wall that it graces. It's colors are muted browns and the subjects are highlighted with lighter beiges and creams to create a soft subject matter that really pops. The presentation of the piece is also tasteful and interesting, giving the subject a more luminous glow.

The three flowers depicted in this piece are spread out over three separate canvases that , while they are homogeneous in shape, depict the movement of the subject in a way that is unusual and moving. The three canvases are distinct enough to stand on their own as pieces of art, but together they create an elegant, moving and organic series. The three canvas design allows for a great many possibilities to display this unique piece- the separate pieces can be reorganized, and hung in a variety of shapes, a horizontal line or a triangular clusters. The pieces can even be separated and hung throughout a home or office. To view a great many more original canvas paintings that share some of the bold and distinct qualities of this one, try exploring our Landscape Canvas gallery. One piece that in particular that might appeal to you if you enjoy the organic and diverse shapes and bold colors of Mirror Rose is Pearl Tulips, a beautiful painting that will strike similar chords in any art lover.

Mirror Rose

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