Miracle Android Application to Stay Healthy: Brainwave Tuner

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Brainwave Tuner, DownloadAndroid's award-winning product of the Handango Best Health/Fitness Application, with its high-end Brain Science Technology involved in the tunes, helps many of its users achieved a better health.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 18th, 2010 -Brainwave Tuner V2.3, two weeks after its release on Apr. 30th by DownloadAndroid-the promising android software development company, achieves a higher satisfaction by its useful tunes among all the android application users. Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats, which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

Two weeks after its release, Brainwave Tuner V2.3 gains worldwide approval among its users. One user in Android Market named as Trisha says: "Love this!!! Knocked out a killer headache in under 5 min...I always knew there was something to the subliminal programming!!" 준섭, another user from Asia, also highly recommended this application. In Android Forum, Brainwave Tuner's performance also earns good comments. Now Brainwave Tuner covers most of the android application markets like Android Market, Slideme, Andappstore, 101bestandroidapps etc.

Brainwave Tuner is proved useful by many mobile application customers in the following aspects:
-Relaxation and meditation by entraining your brain into desired states
-Enhancement of learning capabilities (super learning)
-Sleep induction (for treating insomnia or just for falling asleep quicker)
-Focusing attention and enhancing awareness
- Alleviation of headaches and migraines, as well as other pain
-Preparation for stressful situations
-Self hypnosis and/or subliminal programming

Every why has a wherefore. Daniel Lee, DownloadAndroid's CTO, led the Tech team to apply Electroencephalography theory into musical waves and developed this application in Q3 of last year. Since then, various feedback have been given to improve its performance. Thus, DownloadAndroid's tech team, taking all of the suggestions from customers into account, devotes their whole energy to improve the functionalities and humanness of Brainwave Tuner. From the first release till now, constant updates were made out and drive the application more and more popular.

Sixteen healthy and useful wave patterns are involved in Brainwave Tuner:
Headache Therapy, Meditation, Schumann Resonance, Sleep Induction, Relaxation, Self-hypnosis, Attention Increase, Creativity Enhancing, The Awakened Mind, Quick Mental Refresher, High Frequencies, Learning Aid I (for subliminal), Learning Aid II (for studying), White Noise-Ocean Waves, White Noise-Shoveling Sand as well as White Noise-Rain and Windshield Wipers.

For additional information, please visit DownloadAndroid's homepage at http://www.downloadandroid.info or our mobile site at http://mobi.downloadandroid.info

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