Minimizing the effects of Television Violence in your Children

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Almost all parents are concerned about the outcome violence in TV has on their children. Many studies have supported this concern as well. Letís take a quick glance on this and let us also discuss how we cam counteract it.

Violence in media affects child behavior

We live in a world where violence has dominated love irrespective of any geographical location. News channels around the world are competing each other to report news on terrorism, homicides and bullying in schools. In turn our kids get exposed to all kinds of violence like these. It is not at all a matter of debate that such violence and aggression can have drastic negative effects on your childís character and development.
It is not in your hands or not even in the almightyís hands to stop terrorism or stop a school bully from picking up fights or even nullify violence in the media. But you can definitely control your kid from being exposed to such acts of violence. However, there is limit to which you can do that. Unfortunately such exposure is bound to happen and in such instances you can discuss with your child and can reduce the negative effects it can have on your childís character and behavior.

Double trouble

None of you will disagree to the fact that we all live in a busy world. A world that is not only violent but also busy. A world where parents find less time to oversee what their kids are watching on Television. The result is your kids being more exposed to violence.
A recent study has revealed that most children, by the time they reach age 14, they might have already seen almost 150,000 violent incidents on television. And that of course is something very alarming.
Letís take a few adverse effects of children witnessing violence in television.
1. Children tend to becomes less sensitive to the agony and distress of others;
2. Children will have a sort of discriminating fear in the world; and
3. A marked increase of violent behavior toward others.

How to limit the exposure of violence and reducing its effects

Let us now look at a few ways to reduce the effects of televised violence in your kids:

1. 1. Try to watch one entire episode of each and every program or shows that your kid would like to watch which will help you to figure out the type of content.

2. Discuss with your kid, the violence they see on Television and talk with them about non violent ways to resolve such conflicts.
3. Assist your kid to differentiate between reality and unreality or between fake and fiction.
4. Introduce educational and entertainment shows.
5. Encourage your children to communicate with you more and find time to talk with them about whatís going on at their school.
6. It is always a good idea to set time limits on the amount of Television programs they watch each day.

As said above, even though you cannot create world peace you can always ensure a serene environment at your home. So, an environment that lessens the impact of violence in the media, teaches positive problem-solving techniques, and reduces negative effects on child behavior.
So donít ban your children from watching TV. You just need to ensure that whatever they are seeing is properly screened.

By: Bob Willson

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