Mineral Foundation for all Skin Types

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Mineral makeup has become a huge trend over the last couple of years and unlike most trends we are sure that this one is here to stay. With more and more people discovering the benefit of mineral makeup as appose to traditional makeup formulations the mineral makeup revolution has more than begun.
Foundation is one of the most purchased cosmetics worldwide, with women buying this wonder serum to gain a perfect complexion. But what many women do not know is traditional foundation formulations are not designed to hide blemishes and skin imperfections such as rosacea on their own. Most leading brand foundations need the help of a concealer to tackle skin complaints which results in a catch 22 situation of blocked pores and clogged skin.
With traditional foundation formulations you typically need a different type of foundation for dry, combination or oily skin types to obtain the best results and limit the effects of the unnatural substances on your skin. The beauty of mineral foundation is its versatility, many makeup artists are changing to mineral formulations as they involve carrying less products in your makeup bag and are kinder to your skin.

Mineral foundation only requires one pot regardless of your skin type, as mineral foundation contains only natural ingredients that work with your skin. You can apply mineral foundation to obtain your preferred coverage. For those who like to wear minimal makeup, a light covering will suffice and for those who need a little bit more coverage to even out tones you can apply the mineral foundation more thickly over the areas that require it.
Compared to traditional foundation mineral makeup gives more than double the coverage but for those who still require that bit of specialist extra coverage, a natural mineral concealer that doesn’t cake like traditional formulations is available.
You can find mineral foundation in a range of colours to match all skin tones in the First Light Cosmetics online shop. Once you’ve tried First Light mineral cosmetics you’ll never go back to your regular foundation again.

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