Mineral Eyeshadow colour make-up tips from First Light Cosmetics

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Amongst the many questions that we have received at First Light Cosmetics recently, one of the most popular is that of the choice of mineral eyeshadow colour. How do you choose the right eye shadow for your eye colour? Choosing the right colour can obviously have a big impact on your overall look. It can enhance your eye colour and brighten your eyes. Celebrity lovelies (with the help of their make-up artists!) manage to create effects that make their eyes pop and leave you mesmerised with their vibrant colours. Oh, and most celebrities these days insist on using mineral makeup now because it's better for the skin but also for better results!

There are a few rules and tips to follow:
#1 Experiment as much as possible. Every person is different and what works for you might be very different to what works for someone else. Eye shadow is also the part of your makeup that allows you to be at your most creative. You can't play too much with your foundation colour! So play around. Try extreme colours to see the effects it create and then tone them down. You can do this easily with mineral makeup (and with First Light Cosmetics make-up!) as they come in powder form. This allows you to mix colours to create new ones.

# 2 Choose your colours according to your activities. When you are going out in the evening you can go for more dramatic colours than when you are at work or out and about during the day. For the evening look you can try a shimmer eyeshadow to add a bit of drama and sparkle. For a glamourous shimmery look, try from our mineral eyeshadow range: Moonlight, Golden Bronze, Cornish Copper, Cobalt Sea or Japanese Blossom.

# 3 Choose your colours according to your eye shape. In general, lighter shades will bring out your eyes, darker shades give them dimension. So if you have small eyes and want to give the impression of larger eyes, you should stay with lighter shades. If you have large eyes or protruding eyes, you should use darker shades.

# 4 Choose colours according that compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour. We have created cosmetic colour guides on our site that give you pointers.

Enjoy playing with your makeup! And if you have any question please drop us a line at info@firstlightcosmetic.com.

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