Military Grade Communications Hardware For Any Situation

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AT Electronic and Communication International offers high end telecommunication equipment at a minimum of expense. We provide essential telecommunication equipment for your situation. From encryption devices to personal communicators, we offer an exceptional variety of data transmission materials. We can meet almost any professional or personal need. Here are some common applications for our equipment:

Personal and Professional Signal Encryption-
AT Electronic and Communication International provides a series of voice encrypting tools. Our AT Crypt One encryption uses algorithms secure enough to be viable for government, police and military purposes. This is the absolute high end for data communications encryption. There is little else like it available on the public market. In addition, we facilitate encryption for the Codan HF Transceivers, also available here. The AT Crypt One and Codan HF ciphers are easily applied to existing, compatible devices. Encryption of this level is essential for securely sending instantaneous voice data. In short, these devices make absolutely certain that private communications remain private.

Job Site Communications-
We offer a number of products which ease communication on a job site. Our Personal Role Radios, for example, are the premiere choice for professionals who need reliable, on the job communications. These radios can generate a 30 member network instantaneously. They are light, durable, and require no pre-established infrastructure.

Test or Monitor Current Telecommunications Networks-
Our Satellite Monitoring and Intercept System SEU 8800 allows instant tracking of multiple satellite positions. It can be operated and updated remotely and provides a degree of signal analysis. it can be used to remotely test the viability of signal reception and can facilitate satellite diagnostics. Similarly, we offer a series of signal jammers that can test the fortitude of an existing telecommunications system.

Military Grade Field Data Communication Equipment-
We also offer a broad series of military grade wireless intercom systems. These systems are similar in structure and security to those used by many special forces. While in the field, equipment of this grade is considered secure and reliable enough to protect lives. These systems are designed to be used in conjunction with complex machinery, such as tanks. To meet these needs, each system involves cancellation for nearby transmissions, built-in interference regulation and ability to interface with most military and civilian communication apparatus. While designed for military and paramilitary forces, these devices can provide a closed system for communications that can be adapted to many situations.

Durable Data Storage and Transmission-
We also offer a series of laptops and data storage devices designed to withstand the rigors of military field use. These monitors and laptops generally use waterproof finishing and withstand a wide range of temperatures. They are developed to remain intact and fully functional despite heavy wear, even abuse. This type of equipment is perfect for individuals who require information systems access in harsh environments. Many of these devices also integrate with telecommunications equipment, allowing the user to establish a full transmission apparatus anywhere.

From our selection of Tactical Radios to our Digital Transceiver and Routing equipment, AT Electronic and Communication International can help establish a communications network in any environment. We are the last word in military grade telecommunications.

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