Microsoft Xbox And Kinect Sony Playstation Move Challenging Nintendo Wii

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The motion sensing consoles are at the height of competition. Top game console manufacturers have released their own motion-sensing consoles to match Nintendo Wii. The market created by Nintendo seemed tempting for Sony and Microsoft, and just right before Christmas, they have announced their own game consoles that threaten the lead of Nintendo.

Now that we can already choose between three game consoles with motion sensors, the only thing that is left unanswered is whether these newly released consoles can match the popularity of Nintendo Wii or not.

The huge market that target children, women, and the elderly is where the game console companies would like to focus. They know that hardcore gamers will follow their steps and what they wanted to do is to attract more casual gamers to buy consoles for entertainment.

Move and Kinect has features that Wii never had like the built-in camera that will allow the console to accurately track the gestures of the players without holding a controller. This is definitely something that Nintendo should be careful.

Sony and Microsoft also announced some of the games that can be played with their consoles. Kinect does not have problems with games but Move does. According to a game review site, Move has a lot of great features, but you can’t use all of them because they lack games. This statement made it seem like Kinect already left Move by a few notch just after their official releases.

The next phases of the game console industry are very exciting, as these companies compete against each other to gain the front seat. I can only be sure of one thing, we as gamers; will be spoiled with fantastic releases from the top three companies. This will surely make our 2010 Christmas celebration with our family and friends more memorable and fun.

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