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A Guide To Microfibre Mops

Microfibre is a fast growing trend with more and more people realising the benefits that this unusual material has to offer over more conventional cleaning materials. It is used in the manufacture of high quality cloths, mops, and other cleaning accessories and is so widely used because it offers more effective cleaning than other materials, it will last longer, and it offers dirt and bacteria removal often without the need for any chemicals or detergents. Ensuring you get a decent quality microfibre mop will help ensure that you enjoy the best results from your cleaning.

Ensuring High Quality

The quality of microfibre is ultimately determined by its polyamide content and the type of weave that is used in its manufacture. Polyamide content should be a minimum of 20% to ensure very good results while the weave that is considered the best is waffle weave because the suede weave has not proven overly effective for heavy cleaning duties. Not all microfibre is created equally.

Microfibre Mops

Microfibre mops usually come in two different styles, damp and dry. Both types will effectively clean virtually any surface including hard floors and they are used in a variety of commercial settings as well as for residential purposes. There are also a number of sizes and colours. Having mops of different colours can help you keep different ones for different rooms or uses.

Mop Quality

As well as the mop head you should also consider the quality of the rest of the mop. A poor quality handle may break quickly and easily leaving you with a high quality mop head only. Aluminium is lightweight and highly durable and can also be made into telescopic handle styles giving the mop even greater benefit and use.

Other Microfibre Items

As well as mops, microfibre can also be used to create a selection of other cleaning items and accessories. Microfibre cloths are ideal for the cleaning of almost any hard surface including bathroom and kitchen surfaces and they can once again clean effectively without the use of detergent. They are long lasting too which means that you can do your bit for the environment as it is not necessary to throw away cloths or mop heads after only a few uses.

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