Microdermabrasion Machines

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One incredible piece of beauty salon equipment is the microdermabrasion machine. Microdermabrasion is a process by which the dead outer layer of skin is removed from certain areas of skin, most commonly the face. The Crystal Medical Dermabrasion system uses a process called Dermex Pro to rejuvenate the skin and restore a more elastic, youthful appearance.

The procedure is simple and painless thanks to the Dermex Pro technology. It is just as effective as surgical dermabrasion procedures such as standard dermal abrasion and laser skin resurfacing. These invasive techniques often irritate the skin significantly and healing time is required before you can see the benefits. Crystal Medical Dermex pro peels only the thinnest outer layer of skin. The layer of skin removed is extremely thin and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The result is a non-invasive but effective technique that is effective and inexpensive.

It is the Dermex Pro-Lite model that offers the treatment mentioned above. This is just one model of microdermabrasion machine offered by Crystal Medical. Prices for the devices range from 699.00 to 1,029.00 for purchase and 4.50 to 7.00 for a weekly rental agreement. Crystal Medical offers the most flexible payment plans in the market so that you can get the equipment and start earning profits immediately. The idea is that the machines will pay for themselves through increases in business profit. When you offer quality equipment to clients, they notice and they gain trust and repeat business results.

The most advanced model offered by Crystal Medical is the Dermex Pro DUO Diamond & Crystal combo system. This is a microdermabrasion machine for professional salons and therapists in particular.
Diamond microdermabrasion uses sterile diamond heads to abrade and remove the top layer of dead skin. The layers are then cleanly vacuumed away along with dirt, debris, clotted oils, and dead skin cells, all of which clog pores and can contribute to skin aging. Skin blemishes and various imperfections are easily removed. The newly cleansed skin is then infused with certain products and nutrients and vital, rejuvenated skin is revealed. Skin cell activity is balanced and skin health is promoted.

Including a microdermabrasion service to your service menu and you will create a whole new avenue for increased revenue.

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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