Micro Communities and Word Press

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Micro Communities and Word Press

If you have a need for short-term internet communications, you might consider what is termed a micro community model for your WordPress site. Way use a micro community is super affective at short period of time and allowing you to offer your merchandise and digital downloads to a micro community and let you succeed.

They can be useful in fundraising efforts that only need to have visibility for a set time frame and then will disappear. For example, if you are soliciting money for a certain charity, you can use a micro community to explain what the charity if all about and what the money will be used for. If your micro community is affective then you will be able to appeal to the public and convince them to donate.

If you have a website that offers sales of a variety of products and need to get rid of inventory in a hurry, setting up a micro community may create the sense of urgency to convince people to buy now or risk losing out on the special deals. The one common thread among merchandise websites is the creation of the need for speed to take advantage of special sales.

Too often, sites offer a product for sale for a set number of days and a week or two after the sale date, the same product can be found for the same price on the same site. Using a micro community on which to post time-sensitive sales will insure you take the site down and maintain the integrity of your business.

You can use the micro community to set up, for example, monthly sales in distinct merchandise categories. By keeping the sites filled with merchandise relative to the season, you can improve sales while maintaining customer interest and involvement in your time limited sales.

Current events and making a statement is another form of micro community. Current events usually have a limited lifetime and establishing a site without an expiration date often turns into an effort in futility after the interest in the even fades. If you need quick comments or thoughts on a subject then having a micro community will allow you to do so. You also have the option to maintain the site and use a different topic to maintain interest in community or national events as well as your site.

Once you set your site up to run you will be able to worry about the important things in your business while the micro community do there thing. You can also use the micro community format to mix your business with community involvement. Especially if you cater to visitors within your community the involvement will let your customers know you are engaged in the community.

While still operating your online business and during the life of the micro community, you can address events that are important to your visitors. This will not only keep them informed but will keep them coming back to your site feeling they are more than just a customer.

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