Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas

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M-I-C....K-E-Y.... M-O-U-S-E! Who doesn't love that famous mouse and all of his friends??? Here are some great ideas for a fun Mickey Mouse party! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is all about solving puzzles that are essential to accomplishing the day's goal, so throw your child a birthday party where she and her friends can get swept up in the fun and excitement of learning new things while getting things done.

Invitations: Print theme coloring pages off the Disney Mickey's Clubhouse official website. They are really cute and there is a bunch to choose from. On a separate piece of brightly coloured red, blue or yellow paper, write or print out the party details - the who, when and where. "Mickey and his friends are having a Birthday Party and want you to join the gang!" would be the perfect wording for the Invite. You can even cut the invitation paper in the shape of Mickey's Head and Ears. For added flair you could throw in a few crayons or even a small box of 8. Request that each guests colour in their picture for display at the party. Place both papers into an envelop, seal with Mickey sticker and deliver. This idea works especially well for a toddler party

Decorations: For Mickey Mouse party decorations use lots of red, yellow and blue streamers and balloons. Have bunches of helium filled balloons as well as plenty of air filled balloons floating around the party floor. Cut out a large Mickey's head shape out of black poster board with a very large sign that says "Welcome to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" and and stuffed animals around the scene. Put up posters of Mickey and friends on the wall. Have a designated spot for the guests to display their art work that was sent with the invitation! Using red, yellow and blue construction paper, cut out several different shapes like circles, squares, squiggles and triangles. Hang the shapes with fishing wire from the ceiling all around the party area or above the party table. Use different lengths of wire so it looks really neat! You can even do the same with numbers! Cut out numbers from 1-9 and place all around the walls. Mickey is all about learning!

Crafts: Make your own Mickey Ears. Purchase some black Headbands and black foam craft paper. Before the party pre-cut the Ear shapes so all you have to do with the little ones is glue on the ears! Hot glue the ears on so the guests can wear them right away. You could even pre-make them and just present them to the guests as they arrive. Have some pink bows for the little Minnie's attending! Make your own Mouskespotter - A mousekespotter helps Mickey find things he needs so when you are done you could play a little game of "Eye Spy" of items around the party area. All you need is paper towel cardboard tubes and things to decorate with such as markers, yarn, crayons, stickers, foamies and glitter. Lay out the decorating materials on the designated craft table and give each child a cardboard tube. Ask the children to create and decorate their own mousekespotter!

Games: I Spot...Play Mickey's favorite game using shapes, numbers and colors. Before the party, make several large, coloured paper shapes or numbers. You could even use the ones you have already created and hung for decoration around the party area! Then, make sure you have a duplicate of each shape you cut. When it's time to play you hold up a shape, a purple flower for instance and say " I spot a purple flower...do you?" The kids will run to the image that matches the one you are holding or identify the shape by remaining seated and using their newly crafted Mouskespotter. You can play this several times, getting slightly more challenging as you go. Musical Chairs - With a twist of course! Instead of chairs use a flat floor space. Use a variety of large shapes of various colours and tape them very securely to the floor in a circle. At game time, have the guests walk around the outside of the circle and when the music stops, they must quickly and carefully sit down on one of the shapes. Each round, remove one of the shapes or place a Disney stuffed toy on the place to let the kids know that seat is already taken! It would be best to have more shape seats than kids at first so they can all play for a bit before being eliminated. Set up for round 2!

Menu: What is Mickeys favourite song? The "Hot Dog Song" of course! What a perfect food to serve for meal time! If your little one is not a fan of hot dogs, try serving up Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and syrup just like they do at Disney World. Since Mice love cheese, have an array of cubed cheeses and crackers for the little Mickey and Minnie Mice to munch on before lunch! Aother option is to serve "Mic-Aroni" and cheese. You can even buy macaroni in the shape of Mickey's head! Bake your very own Mickey Mouse Cake. Bake one 9" round cake and two 6" round cakes. Position the cakes so the bigger cake is the face, and two smaller cakes are the ears of Mickey. Frost the face with white frosting. Frost the Ears with chocolate icing. Pipe on your Happy Birthday Wish, some candles and a small Mickey Figurine. Voila! A Mickey Mouse masterpiece!

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