Michelangelo, although not liking painting and known more for his sculptures, produced the worlds mo

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Michelangelo, or to give him his full name Michelangelo diLodovico Buonarroti Simoni, which must have been a mouthful for his mother. When his mother called him in for his tea, by the time his mother had finished calling his name tea was over.

He was responsible for some of the worlds most famous wall murals, such as the Sistine Chapel. What makes artists such as Michelangelo such remarkable talents ? What makes them stand out from other artists. When you examine their lives, they are usually quite eccentric or troubled personalities that makes them totally dedicated to their work. What makes Michelangelo an exception is that he was not just brilliant at wall murals but his skills spread across to architecture, engineering, poetry and sculpture. Of all his skills I would like to concentrate on his artistry of producing wall murals. Although painting was not his favourite pastime his wall murals are by far his most spectacular pieces of work. He produced other brilliant pieces of sculpture but I think his real skill and passion comes out his wall murals in the Sistine Chapel. An examination of where he was born and his early life can go to some way of explaining this remarkable man.

One thing all artists need is light, so it is always an advantage living in warm climates. Michelangelo was born in a small village called Caprese,100 km east of Florence in Italy in 1475. Now if I was painting wall murals I know where I would rather work. Either the choice of the South of France or South of Blackburn ? it will take some thinking about.

He did not enjoy schooling he would rather be painting. Leaving school when young he joined a the ‘humanist’ academy. His mother died when he was seven and he went to live with a stone cutter and his wife who lived in the farm of the quarry owned by Michelangelo’s father. Which is where he obviously had access to plenty of raw material to begin sculpturing.

By the time he was in his 30’s he had become a renowned sculptor but he was took the commission of painting wall murals in the Sistine Chapel. It took 4 years to complete the wall murals. It is unusual it is called them wall murals when they are actually on a ceiling but any pictures painted on plastered walls or ceilings are called wall murals.

His commission to paint the wall murals was originally to be the 12 Apostles on the back drop of a starry sky. But Michelangelo wanted and got his way to to paint wall murals depicting the ‘creation’. The wall murals contained over 300 figures with the centre piece wall murals of book of Genesis. These are of the Creation of the Earth and Gods creation of Man
Among the other wall murals are one of the Creation of Adam, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and other famous scenes from the Bible. One of the wall murals is exceptionally detailed which is of the Old Testament account of the Flood. The scene is of the animals entering the Ark with Noah guiding them in with the storm clouds brewing in the background and makes a dramatic picture.

Michelangelo’s wall murals of the Sistine Chapel can certainly be counted amongst his greatest works.

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