Michael Jackson Thriller

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"Back in 1984, probably the biggest single hit in the history of rock and roll was recorded by an already popular performer known as Michael Jackson. The song was Michael Jackson Thriller. You know the drill - first of all, it was an early music video where Jackson got to star in a creepy looking cemetery surrounded by dancers while he sang and danced his way into our television screens. It was the era of MTV and it was awesome. Back then, there weren't a gazzilion channels on TV, but we did have our MTV (Music Television) and we wanted it.

After Michael Jackson's unfortunate death a few months ago, many people recorded tributes to the man who described himself sometimes as the King of Pop and other times as simply "The Gloved One." The tributes started with pictures of him in his early life, as a member of the Jackson 5 together with his brothers. Back then, he was a little kid but even in the Jackson 5, he stood out as being special. Later in the tributes, they start to look at his earlier material and his gradual transformation (he underwent a series of skin grafts which gradually reduced the pigmentation of his skin until the day he died when he looked almost white). Through it all, there was Michael, looking dapper in a hat and his signature glittery glove.

And what is the most popular song to be recorded with those tributes? Why none other than the single he is best known for and the video which MTV dubbed it's "greatest video of all time", Michael Jackson Thriller. What is truly amazing however is that even though this song is so popular, it is an odd choice to use for a tribute to the King of Pop.

A better choice might have been his song "We Are the World", which he recorded in order to raise money for children. Or even one that I liked quite a little bit for one of the flashbacks, Michael singing I'm gonna make a change in the "Man in the Mirror" song. In his long musical career in fact, Jackson created hundreds of songs and many of them became super hits. Still, Michael Jackson Thriller is probably an appropriate song for the gloved one's life considering that he was a man who really and truthfully thrilled millions of people the world over.

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