Michael Jackson Memorial Service Program

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As a big fan of MJ, I was looking to buy a Michael Jackson memorial program. On research I discovered that there were two MJ memorial programs being available. Since I wanted to buy the authentic and the original one, I did thorough research and now have a copy of the original MJ memorial service program. This is the one which was to be initially passed out at the Staples Center Event with a black cover, but at the last moment a print swap with the memorial book was done and one with a gold cover was eventually passed out.

Details of MJ memorial program are even available at TMZ.com, where they show it having a black cover and not a gold one.

What TMZ.com is showing on their site is also the ‘family and friends’ version of the MJ memorial program i.e. the original one with the black cover, which was handed out to select few people at the memorial service that took place at the Forest Lawn cemetery.

I am glad that could get a copy of the original memorial service program, the one with the black cover, limited copies of which are now available at www.oncealivinglegend.com.

There have been rumors that the gold book was originally supposed to be a European tour book, and these rumors are actually true. It just seems that this European tour book was passed out with a swapped cover at the Staples Center Event.

I would say that the book with the black cover has got treasured pictures of MJ from family’s albums whereas gold book serves only as a MJ memento having pictures of the European Tour Book.

Rumors say that Joe Jackson is suing AEG for swapping the memorial book at the last minute, and I fully support as it seemed AEG were trying to liquidate their inventories of European book in the name of tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson.

MJ was truly a legend and will continue to live in the heart of his hundreds of millions of fans across the world. He proved himself to be the greatest talent in music & dance, and will remain till eternity. His contribution to the world of music & dance cannot be quantified and will always remain unsurpassed. I, with countless fans of MJ, will continue to live with his memories and music.

Michael Jackson memorial service program shares the pictures from Michael Jackson’s family’s treasured photo albums and also intends to provide its readers the insight into the life journey of the unforgettable pop star Michael Jackson.

Limited copies of the Michael Jackson memorial service program are available at www.oncealivinglegend.com

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