MI5 TV series:It is very good .

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The segment (10 episodes) Spooks episode first aired in two parts, the first appearance September 17, 2006. In this document, the elements within the British government, MI6 and the British press in an attempt to conspire to overthrow Parliament and the Prime Minister. These elements are suitable as Britain to survive the threat of terrorism in modern times, democracy has been replaced with the rule of the commission. The second half followed the next day (September 18), marking Spooks local al Qaeda cell planning an attack in London to return to the BBC's schedule Monday night. One of the scenarios in this series are a forgery, the British Government to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, the UK arms sales to the administration of the African States. dictators and the possibilities of this series has stayed true to the previous series, an average of 6 million viewers.The sixth series was commissioned by Jane Tranter, head of BBC drama series 5 is announced. The series returned October 16, 2007 at 21:00 on BBC One, and ended on 18 December.The series averaged 5.68 million viewers (the lowest so far)The sixth round is different in some aspects of the past five years, because I had a script that runs right path through it for the first time, the show contains end credits. There was also less frequent use of the soundtrack composed by Jennie Muskett.The main stage of the series 6 was the pursuit of Iran's ability to manufacture its own nuclear weapons. Simon Abkarian, Agni Scott, Mario Mateo and Robert Glenister have recurring roles on the series. A new website called Spooks Interactive was created to coincide with the launch of the series.In April 2008, the production team Spooks won the BAFTA award for his work on interactivity Spooks Interactive.



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