Methods on keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

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You have to value your lawn because this is an essential part of your home. This can be the closest thing to nature that you can be with. It's a place where you can spend a restful weekend, or have nice afternoon barbecues with your closest pals and relatives. You have to maintain your lawn well because it will add to the entire look of your home and, its best for the environment too.

In all cases, it is a good time to spend and effort keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. The following will be the top ideas for you:

Preparing the Soil

Having a good soil to have a good lawn depends on three things: soil texture, nutrients and pH balance. The best soil for grass is a loamy type of soil. But of course any soil type can be improved with manure, compost or any organic matter. Another factor you have to consider are the use of fertilizers which must have the three essential nutrients that your soil needs - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Lastly, you have to make sure that the soil's pH level is between 6.5-7.0. sulfur must be added to increase acidity.

Choosing the Grass

Where you are located will bear the type of grass that grows best in your town. During the warm temperatures between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius. While on the cool-season, temperature 15 and 24 degrees. Assess which part is sunny and the shady part and determine which grass would be best for that specific part. Also, know how much time, effort and money you plan to allot for maintaining your grass because there are others that would require more.

Maintaining the Grass

Aside form keeping your lawn healthy, its condition will depend on what you do with it.


The best advice in growing grass is to keep it long. You bet that is true. The longer grass has lesser problems, and is a lot stronger. With more leaf surface, the more sunlight can be utilized, the stronger the root system is. It allows the lawn to tolerate extreme conditions like drought and insect damage. The soil's surface is cooler with a longer grass. It can give moisture and prevents the growth of weeds. A good height for grass is generally between 2,5 and 3,5 inches, and mowing must be done at a frequency where you need not cut cut more than a third of the grass blades' height each time.


Keep in mind a few things when you water the grass. The water must seep down at least 8 inches from the top. When you water the grass with shallow watering, the roots will only stay in the surface making it difficult for them to survive. How to keep evaporation law is the second things you have to consider. This can be done by watering early in the morning. Lastly, when the grass shows signs of dryness, that's the time you water them. Overwatering for long periods may be harmful to your grass.

Managing Thatch

Thatch refers to both living and dead organic matter that you'll find between the lower tip of the grass and the soil's surface. It can become the best placed for pests to grow and any unfavorable grass conditions when the thatch will reach up to half an inch. Thatch is caused by a combination of natural, environmental and even cultural problems. Thatch can be removed wtih the use of a detatcher, an upright mower or core aerifying machines which can be rented.
If you don't have time to frequently check on your lawn, low maintenance lawn grass could be just perfect for you. Low maintenance grass for lawns can look marvelous without demanding that much time from the busybody that you are. Check online for a whole range of options.

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