Mesotherapy is a body sculpting technique that helps with weight loss

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Mesotherapy is a body sculpting technique that helps with weight loss in general, reduction of cellulite and the elimination of wrinkles. In scientific circles, it belongs to the category of humantoxicology. In this field, the belief is that the toxins in your body are the causes of illnesses, skin problems and weight gain.

A treatment involves injections of a combination of substances into the mesoderm, which is the layer of skin just below the surface. In addition to sculpting your body, there are many uses for this treatment, such as in helping the body heal faster after surgery, muscle spasms, ligament damage and many more.

The practice of mesotherapy was the brainchild of Dr. Michel Pister of France during the 1950's. At first the injections were given by hand in the traditional method of loading the syringe with the concoction of solutions, but today there are special injection guns that doctors use for this purpose.

These systems consist of an injection gun that contains the needle and an attached tube holding the correct amount of solution that is needed. Although this is considered a cosmetic treatment, it is not as invasive as plastic surgery or even a VI peel.

When you decide that mesotherapy treatments are for you, you will first have a consultation with the doctor. This consultation will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the treatment and will let you know what you can expect in the way of results. You should have a realistic goal so that you will not be disappointed. The doctor will discuss this goal with you and will let you know whether or not it is attainable.

The injections you receive in a mesotherapy treatment consist of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and medications that you body needs. All of these will help your body rid itself of the buildup of toxins and give the cells the nutrients they need to do their work.

It also increases your body's metabolic rate and this makes it easier for you to burn fat to lose weight. However, you do have to take some responsibility for making the treatments work for you in following a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, much like you have to do in a weight loss program.

Before you get your first treatment, you do not have to follow any special diet or fast. It is important that you do not wear any fragrances or cosmetic makeup when you go for the mesotherapy injection. You should also cancel the appointment if you have a cold or flu. Other than that there are basically no special preparations you need to make.

The type of mesotherapy injection you receive and the area of the body in which you receive it depends on your reasons for taking this treatment. For example, if you take this treatment as a remedy for hair loss, he doctor will inject the needle into your scalp. If you want treatments to reduce cellulite in your body, then the injections will be to the specific locations of the body and depend on the stage of cellulite that you have.

You can have a mesotherapy treatment in as little as fifteen minutes. The doctor may advise you to take an over the counter pain medication to reduce any pain you may experience.

If you bruise easily you may also need to use measures to keep the bruising to a minimum, such as laying wet tea bags over the injection areas. One aspect of post-treatment that is important is that you should start exercising as soon as possible after the treatment to get the blood flowing and carrying the ingredients to all parts of your body.

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