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According to a recent survey done the Mentalist in NYC are the largest crowd pullers and entertainers. And mesmerizing the crowd with their unpretentious tricks is indisputably the exceptional difference between a magician and a mentalist. There is a huge demand for professional Mentalist in NYC, who weaves in the mystical charm of ‘Mentalism’ into their performances.

Know more about the Mentalist in NYC
Whether it is your wedding or a corporate event you can find many professional mentalists performing in New York. They offer their exclusive entertainment services across the United States of America. Here are a few of the eminent mentalists of NYC:

Sebastian Black: one of the top most mentalist from Northern America. His shows are laced with humor which is fast paced and funny. His tricks astonish and intrigue the audiences at the same time. He has won the ‘Rising Star Award’ for two consecutive years and is one of the most promising mentalist in NYC.

David Lawrence Rosenberg: is a veteran Mentalist in NYC who has immense experience in fortune telling and mind reading. Palm reading is his area of expertise and is an instant winner among any group. He is also well known for giving motivational speeches. David’s family show keeps his audiences, both the young and old in splits; his amazing tricks are filled with plenty of communication between him and the audiences.

Larry & Raven: are couples who are gifted with this rare ability to blend illusion with telepathy. They are a part of a family tree which has been performing Mentalism since the last 150 years. Their shows are packed with highly entertaining mystifying acts. These high performers are sure to make your event an unforgettable one.

Michael Telstarr: is a mentalist and psychic performer who demonstrates a wide range of tricks like floating vertically in the air. His shows are filled with delightful humor and can keep the audiences enthralled and spellbound with the unique detailing and participation. He also offers to refund your tickets, in case you are one of the lucky volunteers chosen by Michael Telstarr.

Ron Guttmann: is an experienced corporate performer. Apart from performing as a mentalist he is also an independent consultant who helps in delivering solutions for any of your business challenges. He is regarded as an amazing entertainer, orator and trainer.

Professor Phelyx: well known for his mind boggling demonstrations of metal spoon and fork bending, etc. He can predict a word picked up randomly by the audience from the group of books given to them. He also intermittently reveals the names of volunteers selected to be the part of his show. The unbelievable feats performed by Professor Phelyx along with delightful delivery makes him one of the most prominent Mentalist in NYC.

Gerry McCambridge: combines his love for magic with his exceptional observational skills to create amazing tricks which leave the audiences spellbound.

So get geared up for a forthcoming show from these paranormal charmers.

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