Mentalist: Blood In, Blood Out Synopsis, Season 2 Episode 14

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The Mentalist continues season two with another excellent episode as they completed episode 14, Blood In, Blood Out. This episode centers on Kimball Cho, (Tim Kang) where we discoverhe had received cell phone messages from a friend of his from the past during his time as member of a gang. Kimball refuses to respond to the messages from his old friend who ends up getting murdered in an alley. The man's name is David who we find out was almost like a brother to Cho as they were growing up in the gang.
David's mother enters the scene and asks Cho to investigate the case because she believed that David had turned his life around and got out of the gang scene. Cho, not being able to let go of his historic notions of David, refuses tohelp out, believing that the shooting was related to his gang activity.
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) makes his entrance as he subtly encourages Cho to consider investigating the case as he believes there was more to the murder then gang activity. Cho and Jane begin their informal investigation when they meet with old gang members that Cho used to run with when he was younger. As Cho interacts with his ex-gang members we see a different, edgier side of Cho. Cho reaffirms the fact that he wants to drop the case but Janeencourages him to continue with it.

As the story unfolds we meet Frank who is a janitor at David's work. Jane and Cho ask Frank if he knew of strange behavior regarding David which Frank denies. Frank also denies knowing anything about a list that Jane is carrying around that he collected from the crime scene.
At this point in the story we meet Adam, David's Boss, and Crystal who is Adam's assistant. Jane immediately picks up on the fact that Crystal has a runny nose and is most likely using drugs. The show hits it climax and Jane, Cho and Rigsby confront Adam in a conference room where they find him doing drugs with his assistant Crystal. Cho appears to believe that Adam is behind the shooting of David and interrogates him to the point of violence. The interaction was staged so that Frank would hear Cho becoming violent with Adam. Cho takes Adam outside and shoots two shots. When Jane, Rigsby and Frank arrive outside, Adam is laying on the ground with what seems to be two shots in his stomach. Jane works his mind magic and convinces Frank to confess to knowing that the list of numbers was account numbers which he was going to use to steal money from bank accounts.

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