Men’s total hair care

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Here we will be discussing on the total hair care for men.

Shampooing- shampooing is very important thing in your daily hair care routine. You should not avoid this. Daily or with one-day interval shampoo your hair. It is very healthy and relaxing. It feels great when your hair is clean and clear. Any branded shampoo is good for your hair. Good aromatic shampoo is preferable as it can give you a good smelly after effect. pH balance is needed to be examined. It controls the basic type of your shampoo. So do not ignore this. For right use you can use your shampoo twice. This instruction is given on the product not because of selling out their product but because of you good hair health. First time the shampoo loosens the pores and prepares the scalp to be thoroughly cleaned up. The second one completes the process and makes the hair look good and feel good. Another thing is also very important that is use the proper quantity of shampoo, no less no more. Less will cause greasy hair and will also cause uncomforting. Oil your hair maintaining a regular routine because shampooing and oiling both make a great combination.

Toning- toning is very important which everyone ignores in their hair care routine. It is most helpful. Not only it gives you a relaxing feeling but also this helps the glands to release the sebum from the sebaceous glands. Massaging scalps after shampooing is very cool. With your finger pads or with your fingertips you can massage your scalp for few minutes. It is relaxing and fits circulation of blood in the hair roots. For long hair avoid circular motion of massaging.

Conditioning- conditioning is also necessary for dry hair. If any one wants to skip this process then massage your scalp so that the natural oil can be released and make the natural conditioner for your hair. Herbal conditioners are also available.

Grooming- for right grooming you need to have the right tool. For brushing you should use natural bristles. Wide toothed comb is always good for your hair, be it curly or be it straight. For picking hair you can use plastic or metal tines. If you have long and extra voluminous hair then use a hair dryer. If not avoid it.

Styling- for styling you have to be always up to date. Unless you will be lost in the jungle of styling products. The better you know the products, the faster you will a unique style for your hair. Style should always be easy maintainable and less time consuming. It should not take time more than 5 minutes. For be updated check fashion magazines for male, Internet and T.V.

To conclude you keep in mind that do not compromise with your hair. Styling products should always be of good quality. Cheap products are available in the market but they either dry your hair or make it greasy. Good quality pomade, mousse, gel can be used as your styling products. They can be expensive but it is true that it is very less that you need to use. A little will do well. Massage your scalp with fingertips but not with your nails. Cut or trim your hair regularly and do it from your trusted barber.

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