Men Shaving Tips & Tricks

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Shaving does have its advantages though. Face shaving is an invasive activity. Applying a sharp metal blade to your face cuts hairs. Using your shaving brush, lather the face in a circular motion. This ensures that you lubricate the skin and get under the beard stubble. Don't shave as soon as you get up. Shave with the grain of the hair on your face. Shaving your beard stubble against the grain can cause redness, razor burn and rashes. Rinse the head of your razor in warm water after every stroke. All razor strokes should be slow and deliberate. After you have finished your shave, rinse your face in warm water and apply an after shave balm or mousturiser, to sooth and protect the face. Don't wash your face with soap. Soaps are usually very drying on the skin and coupled with shaving.
Moisturiser should be applied as soon as possible after shaving or washing (certainly within 10 minutes). Do use a moisturiser with a sun protection factor (SPF - like suncream). A gentle scrubbing massage will help open pores, prime follicles and raise stubs for a closer shave. Exfoliating your skin before shaving can also help attain a closer, cleaner shave; it softens the hairs more, and removes dead skin cells. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs if you use it daily. Do not apply too much pressure on the shaving razor, because this will cause skin burns and irritations. Instead glide it gently across the face. Shaving involves sharp instruments being swung near vital organs, so it's imperative that you perform the deed under suitable conditions.
For cuts, use a moistened alum block to stop the bleeding. Use sharp blades. Dull blades are responsible for most shaving cuts. Shave with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) on your face. Shaving against the grain of hair growth can cause redness, rashes, razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs. Using a razor with a pivoting head allows you to shave better and smoother over and around bony places, curves, bumps and other angles of the face & body. Rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in warm water, squeeze the head of the brush gently and then flick it a few times to get rid of excess water. Keep rinsing your razor blade in hot water whilst shaving. Rinse after each stroke. Use slow, short strokes during your shave. To get best results you should take your time as you shave.
Men Shaving Tips and Tricks
1. A healthy dose of moisturizer before shave is also a good idea.
2. Use a gentle, creamy shaving lotion as this softens the hair and makes shaving easy.
3. Use a shaving cream that has a high concentration of lubricants (eg silicones) and moisturizers.
4. Use hot water while shaving. It helps to soften the beard, open pores and cleanse skin.
5. Always use a good quality sharp razor blade.
6. Do not apply too much pressure on the shaving razor, because this will cause skin burns and irritations.
7. Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves lotions as they tend to dry the skin.
8. If you're using an after-shave, check the label for alcohol.
9. After shaving, when the skin is most vulnerable, rinse the face with warm water and use a facial wash.
10. Regular use of a face scrub also helps in arresting the growth of in-growing hair
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