Men and Lace Wigs

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In this postmodern age, culture breaks the traditional sexist notion. Fashion nowadays encompasses gender roles, and one cannot even differentiate a cross dresser male from a fashion conscious one. Women on the other hand tend to use men’s traditional costume because of various reasons such as fashion and comfort. Jeans historically are used by men, but nowadays we deem it normal for a woman to wear jeans. Just as lace wigs were often used by females in the past and now are used by men.
The use of wigs, beauty products and other vanity gadgets for women have also been diluted by multi-culture influences brought about by the recent development of transportation and communication. Men nowadays use women’s gadgets as they’ve been accepted by society. Thus, the line that delineates of what women and men should and shouldn’t wear has been erased and nothing stops one from adopting the opposite gender’s role, especially in terms of fashion.
Wigs have been used for the variety of reasons. These range from masking balding hairs to change the way one looks such as in the case of disguising an identity. Who says men can’t use wigs? If one would consider that men mostly suffer from the curse of baldness. One may call it a curse, however baldness seem to be inevitable to some men, which is why a hair replacement unit such as a lace wig is the ideal and most undetectable option.
Hair systems are commonly used by men as the hair replacement option but the use of lace units is most associated, expanded and popularized by the gay community, transvestites, drag queens, male performers and celebrities.
The popular notion that is associated when one hears the word wig is female accessories. However, here, we’ll try to break that traditional thinking and open our mind that they are commonly used by men as well. Some men also appear to evade such issue or may not use them because they think that wearing hair systems may lessen and diminish their masculinity.
Alternatively, wearing a lace wig is a perfect alternative choice for medical and fashionable reasons, especially for men. However the reality is that the media impacts people’s perspective on prosthesis, hair systems and lace wigs. Fortunately, celebrities for all ages, race and sex have made the use of lace units such as toupees, full lace and lace front wigs acceptable to be worn casually and one of the most popular hair accessory in the twentieth century.

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