Men After Divorce

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Men After Divorce

There is a great untold story of hardship that is the life of a man after a painful divorce. We so often hear the stories of women who have struggled and overcome, and as such we have enormous amounts of resources to help women cope. This of course is great as we all need a little help, but what of the help for men?

The answer is that there is precious little help for men because they so often don't seek help and other men are not often very giving with advice for the recently divorced.

This has changed recently with an e-book written on exactly this subject called "Men After Divorce - A Guide for Surviving Life after Separation & Divorce".

The author Kyle Morrison is a man who has been through these turbulent times and believes in helping other men who are finding it hard to cope with their post divorce life. Kyle’s situation is like many other's, divorce came out of nowhere and destroyed his life ... or so he thought. Instead it gave him a real 'rebirth' which has allowed him the experience to write this guide.

Now, at first I thought this was simply going to be a diatribe against women and the state of the divorce system which hurts men an favours the woman, but this is not the case. Instead the book focuses on a positive way forward that deals with your state of mind before anything outside of your control.

The book is divided into three sections to do this.

The first is a brief introduction about how to use the books and what you should be thinking about as you read it. This is quite important as there are some complex elements laster on that you need to apply to your thinking which will take a bit of getting used to.

The second section is about the NOW, what you are going through, why you are feeling these things, how it relates to your mental state, and how you can change your mental state to cope and make the hardships disappear. This is done not in a shallow or simple way, but in a way that can really change your life inside and out if you understand and apply them.

The last section is all about your future and how to approach it. If you have changed your way of thinking from the guidelines and advice in the fist section this will be easier, but the advice there is still very insightful into what we as men need to know and do.

What I liked about this guide was that is provided a framework for changing your mental state rather than just a bunch of tips and hints of what to do and what not to do. While there are some of these general information sections especially in the dealing with current issues section they all tie back to a few key psychological concepts. If you can master these the rest becomes a helpful tool but you are most of the way there.

My only complaint is that perhaps there could have been a bit more information about different issues that men face in more detail. Perhaps some stories of how these techniques have been applied would have also helped to cement some of these ideas as well.

However these are mere niggles because the core of the book is a solid foundation that a man can use to climb out of the pit of despair and hardship that divorce seems to have thrust them into.

If you are in this situation or know someone who is, then I highly recommend you click the link below where you can download this e-book. It may not be everyone’s perfect solution but I believe this will help 99% of men who just don’t quite know how to cope after divorce.


I thank you for taking the time to read this short report
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