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Many men today enjoy wearing nail polish, although it is usually done behind closed doors and it is their toenails they paint.

In fact, if you do a search on the internet you will find many sites discussing this very topic.

Today it is still not socially acceptable for men to wear nail polish, it is not a manly thing to do, and yet there are many men who enjoy do it and sharing moments with their partners painting each others toenails.
Why should there be a problem with men wearing nail polish, at least on their toenails, and even if they do want their fingernails painted, it is not such a bad thing. It is a way of a person expressing themselves.

How many times have you seen a rock star or celebrity wearing black nail polish on their fingernails? Depending on the person it can look quite good.

Why should it be ok for celebrities and rock stars anyway, and not the average man on the street.
When you think about it, it is just a way of a man expressing his individuality, his passion for different, being able to go left when every one else is going right.

We are a simple minded society, always trying to tell the next person how they should live, always in judgement of what other people are doing. This is the way we feel better about ourselves.
The way I see it, if you are a man and you want to wear nail polish, then go ahead and do what you want to do, and not what other people expect of you.

During ancient Egyptian times it was not unusual for men to wear makeup, so why should it be any different today. I remember when I was younger I had a boyfriend who liked wearing eye liner; I never gave it a second thought. In fact, I thought it looked quite good.

It is a great thing if a man wants to have a pedicure and a manicure, it says a lot about how he feels about himself, and if he wants to add a little color to his nails, then so be it. There really is nothing more attractive than a well groomed man.

We are as a society changing all the time, and in time it will be sociably acceptable for a man to wear nail polish either on his fingernails or toe nails.

For now, you will have to hide behind closed doors, and if you are a man in a relationship and able to enjoy sharing nail polish colors and having pedicure with your partner, then good on you. It can only strengthen the bond between you both. I say, to all you men out there who want to experiment, do so and don't be afraid, it is your life.

Black nail polish seems to be a popular color with men, and I am sure one day in the future, we will see a manly man's nail polish on the market.

Pauline Downie loves all things fingernails, check out her site Beautiful Healthy Fingernails and find out how to overcome nail problems, nail diseases and information on nail polish, manicures and pedicures.

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