Memories of my past, the most distant period and the most happy time

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I had considered for a long time, and decide to write it down here. About my past,my childhood in my old house. It's a deep impression. I have swore that i would remember it forever.

My hometown is a quiet small village,and then i was just a small child, but i did more things than any other time. Not only i did,but also other children, we were so poor so we did many hard work which we do not do now and perhaps can't do. That's tough years,but i never hate and abandon it, on the contrary, it's a happy time for me, i lived together with my parents,my sisters and my brothers, i have a big family, so i live with happy. Maybe it was not a carefree life for us, as we missed many woderful cartoons, games,instead of doing more housework and homework. However,it's the happiest time,the busiest and the most fulfilling time in my life, nothing will instead of it or beyond it.

Then, we're at a primary school, we went home through several valley after school. We maked joke and laughter resounded in the stillness valley. On both sides of the narrow road were different unnamed trees and some flowers. I remember there are gardenia, Lycoris radiata(tana),michelia. And some common bushes which grow in the south.We there growed rice and tobacco,mainly two quarters,and also three quarters grown. So we dried millets or tied the tobacco and then transported them to the drying room, it'll be a long time to finish the entire process. We're so hungry but there's no time to eat. Maybe it's early in pm 8 o'clock, we started preparing for dinners and it's sure no much time for us to finish the homework. My parents did not have much break down a year, almost always busy.That's a very heavy burden for my parents to have a big family with many children. They dedicate their youth and whole life to us. I love those days there, and live with gratitude.

We moved away from there, and our house falled into ground, and i never go back since that, i only want to remain the last impression, it standed there, kept quiet,and i left there for school, althouth it's a house, but i never doubt its feeling,and our feeling. There's 8 years between us, i don't know whether it'll be a longer time, perhaps until i leave this world. I make dreams everyday, although i can't control it, i miss it much, so i meet it in my dream sometimes. It's still the old apprerance, even i see it smile to me. I know we can't go back in the old time, i just keep the most precious impression in my mind.

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