Megaphone megaphones and loud hailers

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In this age of modern technology especially with regards to communication, it does perhaps seem odd that a surge in requests for one of the oldest forms of communication seems likely!

For instance the CB Radio, or citizens band radio was widely used across the United kingdom by house holders as it was a cheap or free way to communicate. Although licences were required many operators simply did not bother to purchase one and it was difficult for the authorities to track down an illegal user. The CB Radio was most popular during the mid 1970's and through to the 80's with hobbyists truck drivers being the main operators.

Although CB radios are still used in lorries and trucks across the world the usage is now mainly associated with hobbyists and the regular household use that once existed has almost come to an end. There was a time when you could pass many homes in the United Kingdom and see the large aerial rising from the top of many a roof, this is now a very rare sight!

The public telephone was also widely used until the rise of the mobile phone and lined the streets of the united kingdom since the 1920's, At the peak in the 1980's there were in excess of seventy three thousand red telephone boxes throughout the united kingdom. In 1991 British Telecom was given permission to significantly reduce the amount of public telephones across the UK due to them taking a sharp fall in turnover.

Text messaging and mobile phone use is largely responsible for this, simple short text messages can be sent from virtually any mobile phone without the need of any sort of social interaction, according to information on the internet, the people of United Kingdom send around two hundred and sixty five million text messages per day and one point six million picture messages daily. In the Unites States they send four times as many text messages per day as the united kingdom.

Of course other modern internet related uses of communication like Facebook, Twitter, Voip, and many other forms of internet communication are responsible for the decline in other varieties of traditional methods used.

Although the megaphone is not the obvious communicating tool that springs to mind it has seen significant declines in sales and production during the same period, that is until recently... since January 2011 requests for information relating to megaphones and megaphone sales have almost doubled. Sales have kept up throughout February and march. Although there is not a definite explanation for the rise it is thought to be connected to Government protests throughout the world.

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