Megan Fox Dating Relationship

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"So has Megan Fox been a bad girl? In the world of the Megan Fox Dating Relationship roller coaster, it seems nothing is certain. Both the National Enquirer and he Star agree that Fox not only lip locked with former teen heart throb Shia LeBeouf (you may remember him from the TV show Even Stevens as Lewis Stevens), but it seems she may actually be dating him behind her boyfriend's back (and as any of LeBeouf's former young fans might say, "oooh! I'm gonna tell!"). Of course, according to some reports, she has officially broken up with Brian Green, so one could say that she is not quite cheating anymore. . .but who knows what's true anymore when it comes to one of America's hottest super stars?

Both tabloid magazines have claimed that Megan and Shia have been getting very chummy and they are now very much in love with one another. According to Star Magazine, she had this to say about Shia's kissing techniques: "I've said it before, he's a really good kisser. It's always awkward, you're on set with a bunch of grown men, sweaty sitting outside, carrying camera equipment and wanting to take their break, and you're having to kiss!" It certainly sounds like Megan Fox's dating relationship has been taken to a new level.

According to an unnamed source in the Enquirer, Megan is leaning toward Shia because she just loves his warmth and steady attitude but she still wants Brian and all the love and trust they've built over the years (news flash Megan: if you're fooling around on the side, their ain't a whole hell of a lot of love and trust there). Apparently, Megan and Shia got close while they were busy shooting the first Transformers movie (funny how life imitates art - the two became boyfriend and girlfriend in the movie and then decided to take it to the real world).

The Star says something similar, claiming that the two super stars are deeply in love but simply don't know (and for that matter if or why) they will make it public. According to the source at Star magazine, she feels Brian is too rigid for her and she wants to feel free, something that Shia lets her do in spades. Supposedly, they've grown closer as filming for the newest Transformers movies have continued.

Some reports I've seen have now claimed that Megan Fox and boyfriend Green are officially broken up, while others are more circumspect and talk about her on again off again relationship. So, what is next on the Megan Fox dating relationship roller coaster? Who knows? Only time and Transformers may tell. "

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