Meet Different People and Use Different Words

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There is a special expression in China to describe the phenomenon that people use different ways to talk with different listeners—MEET DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND USE DIFFERENT WORDS. It is undoubted that some special communication skills have to be applied in a specific situation in order to get expected results.

A great number of medium can be used in a communication, either in verbal or written format. Choosing the medium for a message depends on your conversation style. For example, e-mail is increasingly acceptable, even for conveying important information especially at work. As a general rule, anything that requires development of an interpersonal relationship with an employee requires face-to-face communication, which includes first-time instruction, coaching, counseling, significant delegation, conflict resolution, and, especially, delivering bad news. Urgent matters are suggested to be handled in person. Written messages are often read with divided attention or even ignored for a while; to ensure full and immediate focus on a matter, deliver the message orally.

As is known, you may feel relaxed even when discussing some serious topics with the employer, while feel uncomfortable when chatting casual topics with some friends. It is their communication skills that make such a difference. Those communication skills are particular important for wholesalers, with which they can attract more customers or persuade them to buy items, say a best mp3 player in the store. So it is not ridiculous that someone once commented that communication is an art which you can live on.

Nowadays, a lot of employers have realized how important communication is in business, so they make great effort to improve the communication skills of both employees’ and theirs. Zak is regarded as a professional communicator among his workmates. Being the best sales man in one of large chain stores, he uses lot of communications to treat different potential customers and persuade them to buy cell phone covers. In the last 3 years, he was rewarded by his employer and gave help to his workmates in how to sell successfully. And now he is going to write a book in which he will share his successful cases and experience, offer practical insights into this important topic in a way that is readable and engaging. His humor and exercises allow readers to reflect on how his concepts relate to his own lives.

There is an excerpt from his draft.

Be emotionally intelligent
You know people who have rich academic qualifications yet somewhat don't get it right in the world of work. Surely, they are clever, but socially inept. Therefore, managing your own emotions becomes very urgent. In addition, try to be aware of and sensitive to those of others, in other words, think in their situation.

Put people at ease with your voice
If you're working in sales or other front line position, it's how you say that affects your success. Our personal problems have a strong impact on how we're feeling when we arrive at work. If you bring your private problems into work, your work will be absolutely ruined, as the bad mood can affect the sound of your voice when talking.

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