Mediterranean Diet Proved Better Than Drugs For Diabetes

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Diabetics typically have to take large amounts of medication, however recent studies done in Naples, Italy have proven that adhering to a Mediterranean diet beats diabetes drugs! The Mediterranean diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins (poultry, nuts, and lots of fish), whole grains, and healthy fats, like olive oil. Sweets and foods high in fat are avoided as much as possible. The caloric intake for this diet is generally between 1,500 and 1,800 per day. Only about half of these calories are attributed to carbohydrates.

Extraordinary results were noticed when the diabetics combined the diet with regular exercise. Best of all, over time better than half of the group was able to through away their dangerous diabetic drugs. Major weight loss as well as lower cholesterol levels were noted also. Their blood glucose level was now under control and they were at much lower risk for heart disease.

The other group of overweight volunteers were ask to follow your typical low-fat diet for the same amount of time approximately 4 years. While they also noticed some positive results, they were not quite as remarkable. Only about 30% were able to manage their diabetes without the aid of medication. This group didn't lose nearly as much weight as the group on the Mediterranean diet. Their cholesterol and triglyceride levels only saw minor improvement.

The extraordinary thing is that these two diets were not vastly different. Both are full of fruits and vegetables and low in fat. Yet the results were so radically different! So, the question is, why? Some feel that it could be the drastic cutting of carbs, while others think that maybe incorporating olive oil into their diet helped the body improve their insulin levels. Olive oil is a great replacement for butter or margarine because it decreases your intake of saturated fats. This in turn lowers your blood glucose levels, cholesterol and triglyceride (HDL). Also included in the Mediterranean diet is that super ingredient garlic. It is a powerful antioxidant.

The Mediterranean diet even allows for red wine (another powerful antioxidant) in moderation. Carbs don't need to be eliminated as bread made from whole grains are part of this diet. You main source of protein should be fish and poultry with red meat limited to once a week. Desserts don't have to be cut out completely, just use moderation.

There are still debating exactly why the Mediterranean diet works, but the bottom line is that it works and that's the great news. You simply can't argue with success. Never has being healthy tasted so good! Diabetic drugs lose to the Mediterranean diet each and every time!


For more information on the Mediterranean diet and which one is the best follow this link to the authors web site: now!

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