Measure Bursting Strength of Bottles with Bottle Burst Tester

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While manufacturing PET bottles, manufacturers face many hurdles due to various reasons like:

Defective bottle pre-forms,
High moisture or Inferior quality content of PET resin
Machinery faults,
Incorrect blow-molding parameter settings,
Blow molding processes,
Incorrect mold design or injection etc.

All these problems result in imperfection which can burst the PET bottles during storage, filling or transportation. This will also lead the manufacturers to suffer the losses in terms of inability to achieve production targets and will result in increased downtime. Additionally, risk for bottle bursting and such failures remarkably increases, especially during hot weather.

The Bursting strength of the bottle signifies its overall performance, bottle strength and bottom quality as well. Bottle Burst Tester is a consistent testing instrument used to obtain information regarding bottle expansion volume, bursting strength and bursting pressure. The laboratory equipment is widely used to conduct mechanical tests on the PET bottle specimen until it destruct, in order to measure various parameters like percentage of volume of expansion and the breakage pressure. The specified SET pressure is attained in a very short period of time, depending on the airflow of the compressor. Alternatively, you can also procure a separate RAMP rate module software and hardware for performing safe operations.

Additionally, the Bottle burst tester also permits statistical control and analysis of the test process and can also be set to perform "time-holding resistance" tests at a pre-determined pressure for a set period of time according to the specification of the sample bottle. The machine is equipped with an easy to operate, large touchscreen display that helps the operator to interact with the machine easily and helps to improve the presentation of running test data. The machine offers some additional benefits like easy navigation along with the graphic display of test curves, Alarm notification, easily viewed Test parameters and comprehensive post-test data.

The testing instrument is also equipped with digital pre-settable timer with the readings up to 999 seconds integrated with auto cutoff facility. The machine also provides Auto pressure hold facility for preserving pressure for a set period of time with the help of inbuilt hydraulic controls. Calibration facility Auto alarms on the completion of test process. A high pressure compressor is an optional accessory which is provided with the instruments on customer demand.

To ensure the stability and sturdiness during operation, the machine is built on a rigid metal base plate. Furthermore, the machine is supplied complete with the calibration certificate perceptible to NABL approved labs.

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