MBM Destroyit 2501 Shredder Review

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The Destroyit 2501 is MBM Corporation's smallest shredder that is designed for centralized, heavy-duty office use. In this review we will take a look at this machine and give you what we consider some of its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Safety is always an important issue when looking at shredders especially when you are shopping for a unit that will be used by a large number of people. The Destroyit 2501, like most other Destroyit paper shredders comes with what we found to be an impressive array of safety features. Dubbed the "SPS," or Safety Protection System, it consists of a transparent, electronically controlled safety guard at the entrance of the paper feed. Plus, a nice, easy to read and understand system of color codes and backlit symbols that indicate to the user the operational status of the machine. The machine also includes an automatic reverse function and power cut off in case there is a paper jam. The power also automatically cuts off when the user opens the cabinet door or when the shred bag is filled.
  2. The 2501 started automatically when we loaded the paper feed, and stopped when it was finished with the job. This is certainly better, and a lot more convenient than having to turn the machine on and off every time you use it.
  3. At ten and a quarter inches, the 2501 has a fairly wide feed opening for a shredder of this size. This is a very handy feature, meaning that you can shred larger documents without having to fold or cut them first.
  4. The 2501 handled paper clips, staples, and credit cards with ease. We tested the cross cut model, but apparently the strip cut version shreds compact discs as well.
  5. For a heavy use machine in a crowded office, we found that the 2501 was remarkably quiet in operation.
  6. We really liked the look and feel of the 2501. In a world of cheap, plastic, and (frankly ugly) shredders, the 2501, like most of Destroyit's line, stands out for its modern design and rounded edges. The off-white cabinet is made out of wood rather than plastic which we found to be especially appealing.
  7. The 2510 has wheels (actually casters) which is great if you are going to be moving it from room to room or across your office


  1. If you want the capability to shred compact discs, you will have to purchase the strip cut version of the 2501. However, we aren't sure that buying the strip cut model just for this feature is a good trade off. We prefer the added security of cross cut document shredding.
  2. Though the 2501 comes with what Destroyit boasts as "double protection against overheating," and we want to stress that we had no problems in testing, you will have to learn now long you can use the 2501 at a sitting before it needs a cooling off period. Offices that will need to do extremely high volumes of shredding at one time may want to consider a larger model with a continuous duty motor.
  3. As with a lot of shredders on the market, you will have to oil the cutting mechanism of the 2501 periodically. Not a big deal, but something to consider as Destroyit and some other manufacturers out there do have machines available that include self-oiling systems.

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