Mayor's Right Hand Removed Regardless of Clean Background Check

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The Mayor-Elect Suttle of Omaha, NE has not enjoyed smooth sailing since stepping into his new position. His problems involve his trusted campaign consultant since 2005 and current Community Chief of Staff. Well, actually, Matt Samp will no longer be the Mayor's right hand or any kind of hand at all. What's the big to-do all about? Frankly, it's not good, and the new Mayor had no idea.

According to the recent expose that appeared in the local paper, a teenager of 19 came forth back in 2001 and reported to the police that in the 1990's Stamp, then 23, had coerced him into a sexual relationship at the age of 14. A week later, the troubled victim committed suicide. Now 36, Samp has denied the whole story and was never charged for these allegations. He feels a clean background check should speak for itself.

In spite of his denials, the Mayor has announced publically that Mr. Samp will no longer serve as part of his administration. When asked by the press if Samp had undergone customary screening at the time he was hired, the Mayor assured his constituents that like any government entity, the hiring process of the City includes a criminal background check. However, the Mayor pointed out that routine screening would not have revealed the allegations against Matt Samp, since he was never charged with, let alone convicted of the crime.

Unfortunately, the Mayor is right in this case, but it's possible that there may be other skeletons in Samp's closet, and possibly other similar convictions. It wouldn't hurt to run a current background check to see if he's been up to no good at any other time during his public service. Hopefully, with all the publicity, the case will finally end up in court. It seems fair to trim the wings of this accused child predator and sex offender who may have caused a child's suicide.

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