Maybe Baby? Help and Support for Couples Trying to Conceive Naturally!

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Some ladies are spending a lot of cash trying to increase their possibilities of conceiving naturally, but this should be a needless expense. Lord Robert Winston, pioneer of IVF treatment, told the Daily Mail that'women who freeze their eggs to obstruct motherhood are being given false hopes by fertility clinics'. He is going on to say that this doesn't in any way guarantee that a ladies will become pregnant or go on to have a healthy baby.
There might be negative side-effects from drugs used to prepare the body for the procedure, and it is not known if the freezing itself may damage a lady's eggs. Those ladies who decide to go abroad to Eastern Europe for fertility treatment are finding that their babies may be in danger of early death of premature birth.

Though many folks aren't even pondering having babies for another few years, we all wonder if our inflating age will play a part in how straightforward it is going to be to become pregnant and whether we'll be much more likely to have issues along the way. With this under consideration, more girls are taking their health seriously and eating and living in a way that helps them stay in the best possible health. So without ditching the exciting way of living what can you do to help raise your well-being for that 'maybe baby' stage? Being healthy is way easier than you would think. Here are some tips

For her :

Despite this data, iron deficiency is considered the commonest nutritive deficiency and the most influenced group are girls of child bearing age.

Take daily Iron additions - ( look for non-constipating form )

The pressure on ladies to stay slim has lead to many women adopting extremely low fat diets. Sadly, this pattern of eating is related to a decline in fertility. The necessary fatty acids ( found in nuts, seeds and oily fish ) have many functions throughout the body, including balancing the hormones involved in fertility. Omega 3 oils ( found in fish oils and flax oil ) are especially beneficial for protecting fertility due to their role in the manufacture of advantageous prostaglandins ( hormone-like substances ).

Multivitamin and mineral formula
Studies now suggest that a multivitamin formula could also be beneficial for maintaining fertility in women.

Try Solgar's Female Multivitamin & Mineral complex
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 ( often referred to as the sunlight vitamin ) could help the fertility of girls affected by ovulation Problems. Analysts at Yale college faculty of medication ( 2008 ) concluded ladies with ovulation Problems or PCOS were far more sure to be low in vitamin D.
Try 1000iu D3 supplement

For him :

Sperm count and motility plays a{ very important| crucial imperative part in the middle of trying to become pregnant. Why do all the tough work when your better half plays an equal part in the midst of conception?


Zinc is clearly one of the most significant nutrient elements required for fertility, particularly for men. Studies show a low zinc intake corresponds with a low sperm count and poor sperm motility.
Vitamin C
As an antioxidant, vitamin C is important for good health. For men, this nutrient plays a specific role in enhancing fertility. Research has shown that vitamin C may help reduce the clumping together of sperm and thus reinforces sperm motility. Additionally, vitamin C generally augments sperm quality and protects the DNA contained inside it from damage.

Analysts at The college of Birmingham revealed that fertile men had noticeably more selenium in their sperm than fertile men.

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