MAXIglide - The Revolutionary Styling Tool

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MAXIglide is the new, revolutionary one-step hair straightener that makes traditional flat irons seem ancient. It's the world’s only such model to feature detangling pins, a sophisticated steam burst component and guarding elevations to give any woman's hair the shape and style desired. Having the controllable heat feature, you choose the temperature for ultimate styling management, plus the ergonomically designed handle fits perfectly in your hand for easy, comfortable styling. There are many design factors that give MAXIglide the privilege of using the expression, “one of a kind.”

The advanced ceramic engineering of MAXIglide renews your hair instantly and gives it a smooth, silky finish. Obtain the finest outcome for all hair types with MAXIglide. Shielding ribs protect your tender scalp from the heat and guide your hair through grooves for effortless flips and curves. MAXIglide amazingly silkens and straightens kinky or curly hair of all textures and ethnicities, and that means it will change YOUR curly hair into satiny tresses! Beauty is easy and much faster to achieve with the step-saving MAXIglide – and your hair will look more beautiful and be in the best condition of its life! You will not spend another day wanting to cover your ten-gallon hair under a five-gallon hat because of this little dream machine. You could possible repurpose that old hat into a planter or something, since you’ll never want to cover your sensational hair again.

MAXIglide will instantly change your unruly kinky hair into stunning smoothness -- in one easy step. In a nutshell, this really is the one hair straightener that makes conventional flatirons obsolete. The detangling pins sport rounded, smooth tips that don’t harm even delicate hair. Advanced steam burst capability presents the correct amount of steam for smoothing even the most stubbornly frizzy hair – and you never have to blow the hair smooth beforehand. Ceramic innovation creates negative ions and evenly disperses heat quickly to create a shiny, silky and smooth, revitalized finish. The four-inch broad plates greatly decrease styling time. MAXIglide performs wonders smoothing and straightening frizzy hair of all ethnicities and textures. That means, it will work for you!

There’s a really good reason MAXIglide has been prominently featured in popular magazines such as People, Redbook, Cosmopolitan and InStyle. Women who have fought with and have been frustrated by inferior styling products are filled with excitement by this advanced technique of transforming crimped and kinky hair into luxuriously smooth and flattering styles. MAXIglide is definitely the ingenious styling tool that makes regular flatirons tools of yesterday! This outstanding styling tool can take your hair from frizzy to smooth, at the same time making it straight and shiny. You will be totally satisfied that you have chosen MAXIglide to do your hair styling job, because it does it all in one easy step.

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