Maxfort School: Empowering Life

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Is learning limited to the four walls of the classroom only? Should a child’s exploring mind be confined within the boundaries of the school? Learning should be joyful and exciting for the young children and teachers alike. Learning outside the classroom environment with the mentor complements and enriches the school curriculum. As it is often said, a family which eats together stays together, the children therefore should be provided with ample opportunities for experiential learning. An excursion is a great learning experience that a school can provide the children. It is an extension and expansion of a child’s thoughts and outlook outside of a classroom.

Young minds are fragile and pose a million questions. The foremost task for the facilitators at such a time is to help children make a smooth transition from home to school. Maxfort School, Dwarka began its journey with children, parents, facilitators and the community on 31st March, 2006. Since the time of its inception, the school has been delivering its constant efforts to enrich the standard of education. The school works on the ideology that every child is special and has some inbuilt qualities.

In the school the children are exposed to real life situations through which their social experiences are broadened. The children learn to interact with people; not only their class mates but also others. Excursions are thus very useful for chiseling the social skills of the children. The school curriculum plays a vital role in shaping the initial learning years of the children’s education because it makes use of a variety of tools such as storytelling, dramatization, counting games, group activities, pretend play, art, music, role-play, fields excursions, puppet shows and sports activities.

Children, need to be nurtured in a favorable environment, which provides them with individual attention inorder to effectively empower them and help them overcome their weaknesses. Therefore, each class has 35 students. There are two facilitators in all the classes in the Elementary Section. In addition, there’s a gamut of facilities like spacious air conditioned classrooms, computer labs, library, music and dance room, cafeteria, math lab, amphitheatre, audio-visual room, composite play field, lecture hall and an infirmary that helps in building a positive experience for children.

Maxfort embodies the philosophy that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To nurture children into becoming well-balanced individuals, the school provides the children with a host of physical activities that range from Taekwondo, Skating, Basketball, Cricket, Football, and Yoga to Aerobics and Volleyball. These contribute not just to develop physical efficiency but also mental alertness, perseverance, team spirit, leadership, obedience and sportsmanship.

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