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Students studying abroad have many responsibilities they need to take care of, and cash is certainly one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of in the most appropriate manner. The reason for this is that since they are not at home, they need to manage their expenses, but since student life has a fair share of unprecedented expenditures, it often happens that they fall short of cash. In order to ensure that they are never high and dry in their times of need, parents and guardians need to set up an arrangement so that their ward always has access to monetary resources. One of the best solutions to tackle this situation is the Matrix Forex Card.

The card is a revolutionary step in globalising the flow of money across thousands of miles, with parents being able to deposit cash that instantly gets 'loaded' to the account, and students can use it at VISA ATMs, as well as merchant establishments and via the internet. This obviates the need to go searching for cash at many places, and even if one needs it, a VISA ATM is always nearby, since it is among the world's most accepted electronic funds transfer systems, and many of the prominent banks the world over are affiliated with the same. Also, one can check the account online to see how much cash is left in the card, so that parents/guardians can know when they have to recharge, and students would keep a tab on how much they can spend. There is also the option to check the transaction history, so that one can know where the expenditures were done.

Coming to the wide range of benefits being offered, first of all, one will save on the interest rates on international currency, in case a credit or debit card is used. Also, there is no need to go to foreign exchange traders, who also charge a hefty commission for the transaction. Hence, there are assured savings all around! Also, carrying cash is certainly a big problem for students, as they might misplace it, or someone might steal it. So, carrying a card is certainly a better option, since even in case it gets stolen, the chip and pin enabled cards ensure that the money can't be misused. Also, there are instant transaction alerts through SMS, so that whenever a transaction is carried out using that card, the person to whom it is issued gets a message on his mobile phone, adding on to the security factor. Further, there is also a comprehensive insurance cover, along with emergency medical and travel assistance to take care of unforeseen circumstances. A person visiting US, Canada, Singapore or the UK also has the privilege and benefit of an international toll free number. The card is available in 8 currencies, i.e., USD, GBP, Euro, Candian Dollar, Aus Dollar, Swiss Franc, Yen and the Singaporean Dollar, and can be reloaded from anywhere, at any time.

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