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With the growing demand for better education, students often feel the need to study abroad for ensuring a better future for themselves. Also, it is a known fact that education is expensive everywhere, and when it comes to additional costs like hostel fee, living expenses, etc., the costs add up exponentially. In order to ensure that things don't exactly spiral out of control, it is essential to put a tab on expenses. Following are some of the ways for students to achieve the same:

Accommodation: If the college has a hostel, then there's no problem at all, in most of the cases. The convenience factor of staying close to the place of study, as well as the added security are big plus points. Adding to that the fact that hostel accommodation is generally inexpensive makes the whole deal a lot more lucrative. However, there are certain cases wherein hostel accommodation may be very expensive, and it is in situations like these that one needs to consider alternative options. These could be grouping together to rent an apartment or a house. Location is also of prime importance. As a general trend, houses or apartments that are in the down-town locality are much more expensive, and hence, charge higher rent, compared to those on the outskirts. Ideally, it's best for 3-4 students to group together and take accommodation at one place, since it's much more economical that ways. Also, if one has friends or family living in the city where he/she is studying, it's always best to stay with them. In fact, it is always better to even rent a house from a known person, since the security and other factors can be taken care of in a better manner.

Commuting: Local transport is always the best option in most of the cases. However, if the place of study is very far from the house one is staying in, it's more feasible to get a car or motorcycle, since too much commuting takes a lot of toll on one's body, and if multiple buses or trains have to be changed, it's totally up to an individual in terms of whether he/she prefers driving. Here again, it's better if there are 3-4 people living together, so that the fuel expenses can be shared.

Communication: One of the most expensive and recurring expenses that one hardly pays attention to is the communication, i.e., telephone bill. Generally, one can either make calls from pay phones, or purchase a new connection. However, it is a known fact that calling rates in different countries may be expensive for some people. Also, since international calling is going to be a big part of the 'agenda', so to speak, for many students, it's best to go for a connection that is not only economical, but also specialises in giving affordable calling rates for international calls. Matrix international SIM cards offer more than 80% savings in calling rates across the world, besides fantastic network coverage, so that there are no dropped calls, and exceptional voice clarity every time.

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