Maternity Portraits: Preserving the Wonderful Moment

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Among the various types of photography, the maternity portrait is one of the trickiest as it requires special attention and techniques to capture the sensitive aspect of pregnancy. Since pregnancy is considered a wonderful milestone for women, the mother-to-be wants to preserve the memory and if possible, the wonderful feelings associated with it through photographs.

Maternity photography can be best taken in a location where the expecting mother feels comfortable. There are women who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own home while there are those who like the formal ambiance of a studio. Still, those who want to capture the moment with natural lighting enjoy outdoor photo shoots.

Maternity photographers should put into consideration that there is something about the growing human life inside a womb that redefines how a woman perceives her body. This factor is essential to facilitate a successful maternity photo shoot. Pregnant women are sensitive to stares and might want privacy despite having the photo shoot conducted outdoors. It might require several shots before the desired photo is captured.

Highlighting the subjectís best feature is another aspect to consider. Maternity portraits should present the belly at its best. Taking photos showing the various perspectives of the belly might be necessary. Most photographers use the top-down view to highlight the motherís face and the roundness of the belly. The bottom-up view also works for most pregnant women. It gives the belly a rounder, more symmetrical appearance.

Pregnancy portraits can be best taken during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. This is the period when the belly is nicely shaped and stretch marks are not yet appearing. Taking photos during the last month of pregnancy might be dangerous for pregnant women. Moreover, there might an issue with the maternity outfit suitable for the photo shoot. The belly during the last month of pregnancy might be showing stretch marks which some expecting mothers might not find too appealing for a photo shoot.

Location, angle, timing, and lighting contribute to the beauty of maternity photos. Yet, the perfect shot can be usually captured when the mother connects with the life inside her. Some Code to copy n pasteToronto maternity photographers will encourage their clients to connect with their babies by telling them to talk to the baby inside the womb.

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