Maternity Photography - It Is Your Right, Enjoy It

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Expectant parents assess the importance of pregnancy photography according to prevailing conditions and environment in family, house or community. But the importance of maternity photography is same for everyone whether it is first, second or third. However, it depends upon the expectant parents how they interpret it. Last year in CapTown I met with Luice and her husband Allen. I know the family since last 3 years, when they got married. Two years back, Allen lost his job. Though he started his home business but still he is not earning well. However, Luice is employed but with not a decent salaried job. Therefore, they try to cut the expenses at every stage. Last month, Luice got the confirmation report of first pregnancy. It was the great news for both of them as well as for their family members. As both are quite matured, so they were well aware about the new responsibilities related with the addition to their family tree. Both wanted to make this development memorable by having maternity photography but it involved many issues which seemed to be complicated to be dealt:

  • Lack of basic knowledge and experience about the photography

  • Budget

  • Opposition by elder family members

  • Preparation

  • Distant location from city

They called me to discuss the matter. All the points they raised were of common nature and I think most of couple who decide in the favor of maternity photography face same issues; however, degree of intensity differs in each case. The solution to each such problem lies in the firm determination and in strategic, customized and professional approach. Solution depends upon how you identify the causes and how you do value to those causes. But, it is sure that with very little effort, you can enjoy your right of having maternity photography.

Numerous sites give practical tips to make the maternity photography a pleasant experience. However, these tips are framed considering ideal living conditions while everyone lives in different social and economical conditions. What I suggest is that we should use these tips as guidelines to plan the entire course of pregnancy photography. We should analyze the suitability of tips to our own social and economical conditions. The most important thing to find out the solution is to make the whole exercise stress free. For example, you may use the maternity albums of some close relative or friends to convince the elder family members. Similarly, you can fix the numbers of photographs, sessions and locations etc prior to start your search for the maternity photographer to keep the whole exercise within budget limits. If the budget is too tight, do not compromise with the experience or repute of photographer; better do it yourself. For this you do not need to be professional photographer; just go through some maternity photography sites.

About the Author :- Barak V. is writing article for maternity photography. He says that maternity photography is becoming quite popular day by day and women from almost every terrain of the globe simply love this idea of unique photo session. However, a photo session in the outdoor will really make the mama feel free.

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