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Advertising in the yellow pages is effective. The average business gets $6 in profit for every $1 invested, as reported by the Yellow Pages Association. That's compelling — and a nice return on investment! Of course, for the advertising to be effective you need to have an eye-catching ad and know the rules of this medium's page design.
Directories have representatives who work with you in designing an ad using standard templates of varying sizes. But have you ever noticed that as a result, most ads look the same? It certainly makes sense if the same templates are in use. And therein lies a don't want to look like the other ads! You want to stand out. Creating a great ad needs a professional touch.
Having an online presence doesn't have to be just for the big guys. Doing a few simple things can make sure you can be found - on the place where most people look for health information.
Yellow Page advertising is a unique animal. On one hand, placing an ad in the local Yellow Pages makes complete sense. Unlike someone thumbing through a magazine, most people who pick up the Yellow Pages are looking to buy.

On the other hand, when they turn to your section, they are immediately greeted with the ads of most of your competitors right there along side your ad

Take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your local business in the web's newest and innovative online yellow pages directory -wasilla yellow pages!

Just click on the link to, navigate to your city and click on the "Free City Ads" link in the middle of the page.

Directories now capture a larger percentage of their gross revenues from online sales than many other traditional media sectors.

Treats the Yellow Pages like a stand-alone marketing method

Industry statistics show that larger ads and those toward the front of the category get more calls. But that over simplifies what makes people choose a particular ad. If an ad doesn't fit the reader's preferences or match what they're looking for, it will be pass

Here's how to make sure that your Yellow Pages investment pays off.
Use a headline

This is an ad. You are trying to get someone to read your ad and understand how you are different from the 234 other businesses that do what you do listed right there on the same page. Since the Yellow Pages offers your reader a host of choices for every category (essentially all of your competitors) you must stand out. Grab them with an effective headline.
"Discover the Worlds Most Comfortable Mattress"
Relax and enjoy soothing music while you bounce, poke, and feel your way to sleeping heaven in our entertaining showroom
Who wouldn't want to call that company? Don't use up the most valuable space in the ad to give your company name and logo. People go the Yellow Pages because they don't know whom to call. Give them a reason to call you. Use that space at the top of the ad to stand out. Once you draw them in, they will find your name.
Make them an offer - The point is to generate a lead with your ad not necessarily a sale
Use your ad and your headline to offer a free report, offer a reason to call, or communicate how you are different from the rest. If you don't do this one thing in your ad, the calls you will get from your ad will all be price shoppers.

wasilla yellow pages,one of the best choice for Yellow Pages,is for Alaska including Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla.

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