Mastering Leatherworking Patterns

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Leatherworking is a primary trade skill in the World of Warcraft. It deals with the making of items from the skin of animals. It could be armour, quivers, kits, drum skins, key chains, etc. Classes that can benefit from leatherworking patterns are those that use or wear leather extensively in their respective trades. They include hunters, shamans, rogues, druid, etc.

Leatherworking is perfect for those who intend to produce amours either for personal use, sale to friends or for auction trade. Being proficient in skinning is a skill that you must have to be a successful leatherworker. There are three types of specialisation for leatherworkers;

The Elemental produces items that increase your resistance level, ideal for rogues and druids.
The Tribal produces items that rewards intelligence and stamina, also ideal for druids and rogues
The Dragonscale produces mail armours that are used by hunters and shamans

Choosing a specialisation is based on user play style preference personal usefulness or auction value or what is needed by the guild. There are a number of leatherworking patterns available to create items; although some patterns incorporate items such as gems, pearls, scales, stones, etc, the basic item ingredient in any pattern is the type of hide and thread.

Your skills increase if you make items that are have a high difficulty rating or, if you crate items that has the lowest ingredient cost at each skill level. The items that you could make are limited to the leatherworking patterns available for such the patterns are colour coded (Grey, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). To get other items, you have to take them off mobs or buy them from other players or NPCs. There are guides to leatherworking patterns readily available online to help in the planning and levelling of creating items. If you select an item, the guide tells you exactly what ingredients are needed to create it.

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