Mastering Google AdWords Select Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

Google Adwords is very common name among Internet Marketers. In fact, this is one of the highly utilized platforms to make money. Mastering AdWords is an eBook created by the Indian Bangalore-based SEO expert, Ashwin Iddya. This is actually an eBook detailing tips, strategies and various techniques related to Pay per Click advertising platforms especially Google Adwords.

Detailed Overview

Mastering AdWords seeks to offer comprehensive information about the various facets of Google Adwords and how to go about optimizing its use. The focus of the content in the Mastering Adwords eBook also includes innovative and creative ways to cut cost on Google Adwords campaign. The content of the eBook is divided into seven chapters that attempt to cover these following points and more.

  • Unveiling the real and proper use of Adwords and how one can use this platform to achieve the specific goals. The right way to use Google Adwords is revealed in an easy manner.

  • Understand the maximum CPC for your campaign. You would need to know the maximum cost per click or CPC you need to use to be able to make a profit from your campaigns. Exceed this, and it’s a disaster.

  • Get to know why a high click thru rate (CTR) is vitally important for a successful campaign.

  • Learn how to create text ads that gets the click thru you need.

  • You will learn how to find and discover profitable keywords for the campaign.

  • Learn how to get to the top spots without breaking the bank or your back!

  • Learn how you can capture the top spots on Google Adwords without outbidding your competitor. This is so amazing, but you need to read it to find out if it really works as claimed.

  • Learn how to improve the number of clicks for your texts ad. You would need to learn how to do this profitably without wasting too many on irrelevant clicks.

The First Chapter basically introduces you to the Google Adwords. Included is the brief explanation of its partners and the variety of tool available. This would prove to be indispensable and helpful for any newbie. It talks about the setting up of successful campaigns and how to have a successful as campaign.

The Third chapter focuses on the management of the Ad Campaign, while the Fourth chapter is a Case Study. This case study deals in the management and optimization of the Ad Campaign. The Fifth chapter of Mastering AdWords deals in the next level of Google Adwords, catering to the demands of the pros. The Sixth chapter is titled ‘Infrequently Asked Questions’ and is about all those questions that are relevant but not asked by the users of the Google Adwords. The final chapter offers valuable resources to the readers.

The Google AdWords is a good eBook for anyone wishing to know more about Google Adwords. For a newbie, this can be a very comprehensive guide that can teach you the workings of the Google AdWords. But for the more advanced marketer who is looking for more unconventional techniques, this eBook is not for you.

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Overall, Mastering Adwords is considered a good eBook on PPC techniques and how to make money from them. Most reviewers agree that Mastering Adwords isn’t sensational and neither are the techniques ground breaking, but Ashwin did a good job compiling the research materials together. Ashwin Iddya is not a well-known personality online, but this little eBook has propelled him into the limelight as one of the internet marketing gurus.

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