Mass Communication – Is it a Good Career Option?

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Some years back, the only lucrative professions were doctors and engineers. The humanities division such as media, mass communication or performing arts was secondary options for people who have not been able to secure high marks to get into a medical or engineering college. The opportunities in these areas were also extremely limited. But we have come a long way since then and now mass communication courses in India are by far one of the most popular choices among students.

So why has the demand for mass communication courses suddenly shot up? This is because of the evolution of media over time. Print, radio, and television have soared to new heights in the past decade and this is why numerous companies in the media sector have sprung up and created amazing opportunities for any one who wants a career in the media.

Nowadays, there are various branches of mass communication and specialized courses in specific areas of the media. For instance, you might want to work in the film industry instead of going for print or electronic media. To get a solid foothold in the industry, you have to master the nuts and bolts of the profession. The stress is immense and very often you may have to work extremely late nights. These types of professions require skill, dedication, and discipline and taking mass communication courses will help you to further hone your talent.

If you want to get a better understanding of what mass communication is all about, it is a good idea to visit the various job fairs and talk to the counselors of different colleges. Make sure that you choose the institute wisely because your entire career depends on it. Loads of institutes have mushroomed but all don’t provide the proper training that would get you a well paying job when you get your degree.

In fact some institutes also make up fake records stating that they give 100% placements to their students. At the end of the day, you will be the loser if you fall into their trap. So you should ensure that any college offering mass communication courses in Kolkata is having a good reputation, provides lucrative placements to students, and is affiliated with any recognized body as NAAC. Try to talk to ex students and find out about the faculty too. The fee is another factor that you should not forget. Passing out of a reputed organization will be a valuable addition to your resume for sure!

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