Martin Yale 1601 AutoFolder Paper Folding Machine Review

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The Martin Yale 1601 AutoFolder is a quick and efficient paper folding machine designed for the moderate needs of small to medium businesses. Whether it's a large mail room, school, or church, any place looking for ease of operation in a paper folding machine will benefit from the 1601. With automatic features and a variety of fold options, this device is both efficient and convenient. Let's take a closer look.


  • This device is mainly designed to fold letter and legal size documents. Five different folds can be produced from these two paper sizes, including a half fold, "C" fold, "Z" fold, double parallel, and French or right angle fold. Unfortunately legal size items cannot fold into a "C" fold. Even so, these folds can create a wide variety of items, including newsletters, flyers, invoices, letters, and bulletins.
  • Since the plates are manually adjustable, customizable folds can be created for items as small as 3-1/2" x 5". Adjustments are easily set with the precision paper skew system to aid in the accuracy of the plates. Though this helps keep items straight, the device still requires careful attention.
  • The feed tray has a self-adjusting retarder which allows items to simply be inserted into the tray without needing to be fanned out as with similar folders. Up to 150 sheets can sit in the feed tray at once and are automatically fed into the device and folded. Finished items exit via conveyor belt and are collected in the high capacity stacking tray. A manual entry allows up to four loose or stapled sheets to be hand-fed into the device for combined folding.
  • Papers ranging from 16lb-28lb bond can be folded by this device. The motor is rated for a maximum of 9000 sheets per hour, though consistently using it at this rate will quickly wear out your machine.
  • An automatic jam detection shuts off when things get clogged, allowing the user to fix the problem before it gets worse.
  • Martin Yale offers a one year warranty against defects. However, you should know that doesn't include consumable parts, labor or shipping.


  • Because the plates are manually adjusted, there is a greater chance for imperfect folds. By upgrading to the Martin Yale 1701, you can avoid this and enjoy the luxury of automatically adjusted fold plates.
  • This machine can't fold cardstock, glossy, or coated paper. Many offices don't use these items and won't notice the limitation. If your business does need to fold a large amount of heavier mediums, we suggest investing in a device with this specific capability.
  • Legal size documents are the largest able to fold in this machine. Again, many businesses don't need to fold anything larger. But the ability to fold 11" x 17" is a necessity for some offices and can be found in the Martin Yale 1217A.

This would be an excellent machine for all kinds of small to medium business with moderate folding needs. The efficiency provided can save you time and money. If yours is one of those offices minimally affected by the weaknesses, then we think you'll be very happy with a Martin Yale 1601 as your next automatic paper folder.

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