Marketing Your Hair Salon Online

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Generating new business can be hard in any industry and businesses have to do their upmost to stay ahead of the competition. There are a number of marketing techniques that be used to help promote a hair salon including both online and offline marketing methods. Without investing in some form of promotion a business will struggle to survive as customers will be hard to come by. If people do not know about a business and the services/products it offers then they simply cannot buy from them.

Common Types of Marketing - There are a number of techniques that can be used to promote a business and it's products/services. Due to technological developments over recent years businesses have began to Market their products and services online as well as offline. Online marketing tools include websites, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing. These online marketing techniques are an excellent way to support offline marketing methods which can include flyer and poster printing, networking, advertising in printed publications and word-of-mouth.

Creating an Effective Website - When marketing your salon online, the first thing you will need is a website. There are a number of free website builders on offer but these will lack the quality you need to create a website that is going to be effective for your business. You don't need too many pages on your website and may find it best to have a simple one or two page website depending on the amount of content (price list, images, contact information) you need to add to your website. You should include your price list and include an embedded Google map to show the location of your salon as well as contact information including address, contact number and email address. Your website should include a simple contact form to allow your website visitors to quickly get in touch - you could have a form that allows the user to request an appointment, submit an enquiry or do both.

Getting Found By Potential Customers - There is no point having a quality website if it cannot be found by potential customers when they search the Internet for hair salons in Liverpool. When somebody enters a search criteria onto a search engine there are two ways they can arrive at your website - through sponsored ads which appear at the top and right-hand side of search engine result pages (SERPs) and through organic results. Before targeting these aspects you must first determine the keywords your customers are likely to enter when searching for a hair salon. This will most likely include phrases like "hair salon", "hairdressers" or "hair extensions".

Once you have determined these keywords you can write your pay-per-click ads based around them. You can enter these keywords into the keyword search filter and should also try to include them in the ad title and description. you can also specify your maximum bid per click as we'll as daily budget. You should track your campaign regularly to monitor it's performance an experiment to find the most effective keywords and ad criteria. You can optimise your website with the keywords to increase it's position in SERPs when users search for those keywords and increase the chance of driving relevant visitors to your site. Optimisation takes place both on and off-page.

On-page optimisation involves including keywords in your page titles and heading tags, having suitable alt tags on images and having keyword-rich links within your site. Off-page optimisation is the process of building back links to your website in order to increase your sites popularity and relevancy for your targeted keywords. Back links should contain variants of your keywords and link to various pages on your site that are relevant to the back link anchor text.


Advice provided by Nick Hatton providing Liverpool Hair Extensions and a service with a smile.

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