Marketing through the latest technology of SMS

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With the time passing technology is becoming more public than before. Some days ago it was unimaginable that the accessibility of mobile phone will be so much that rarely any one is without a handset. Irrespective of economical status everyone according to their income has a mobile phone. And it is growing with each day. And technology is used for the betterment of mankind. But it is human nature to use this very technology for various other ways too. SMS is a part of using a mobile but what if it is used for as a marketing device. It is right that SMS is a new way to promote your products. And it is called SMS marketing. This marketing innovation which is the most recent addition in this field of marketing strategy has provided the business concerns as well as the customers to save a lot of valuable time. It has been proven that customers do not give the sufficient attention to the verbal communication of any marketing of products. Additionally they become more irritated with the products and lost their little bit of interest to pay further attention on that thing. If he is not interested to that product he would obviously get more concerned about the time that is getting wasted. Therefore the SMS marketing proves to be much more fruitful in this respect as with the help of this method not only it is much more effective in communicating with a large number of people at the same time but also it will take just a second. The marketing procedure is simple, what you have to do is to send SMSs to multiple numbers of people with the help of some bulk SMS service provider. And within a few seconds your message would be delivered to the desired numbers you have selected.

Early the year 2000 when the short service messaging was started since then it was gaining its momentum as a successful marketing medium. Now with the newly added innovation of ideas of different marketing agencies this medium has grown to a great extent and is growing at a ramming speed. In Asia too this has been added to the present marketing scenario. Though this method has been legitimized in several countries but limitations are still there hankering. The main reason behind this is that there always remains the limitation of 160 words and not more than that words can be used to send such SMS, therefore whatever you have to say, you must do it in a nutshell and straight to the point topic. But the advantage of this type of short marketing is the customers will not get confused with the jingle of words. But another disadvantage of this is the customers may feel disturbed by this. Still this medium is better than verbal marketing in a way that there is always a chance of ignoring and deleting the message.

In North America, Europe and some other countries this SMS marketing strategy has got a ravishing response. And with this popularity it is very clear that the world is on the verge of a new revolution named SMS marketing.

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