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The success or failure of a marketing campaign for a item depends largely on the item. However, the marketing process can also ensure whether it fails or succeed. The marketing process is all about selling the customer an idea. Marketing is seen all around us on a daily basis. They are mainly seen on the media. They are found all over television and on the internet.

The most successful way of marketing might be word of mouth. This is can only be done by having a excellent product so that your customers will refer you to other people. There are many big companies that made it because of their customers helping them market. Google is probably the best example, in the earliest days of Google it got around by being the best internet search engine and because of that, over time, people started telling people about it.

When you are undergoing a promotional marketing plan, it is essential that beforehand you do some research on the demographic you are planning to market the item to. You should know what their values are and how you can help benefit them with the new product that you are introducing. Research on the market is also very essential, you must know what products are out on the market and what their strengths and weaknesses are. You need to know how your product will improve on their weaknesses and outdo their strengths. If your product is a new and innovative one and there currently is no market for it yet, then you have found a blue ocean.

A blue ocean means the market is not full of competitors, so basically there is a unknown resource that no one has tapped yet. A blue ocean has made tons of people rich because finding a blue ocean allows you to avoid competitors, at least for a while until other people start coming in. That first step advantage can be huge and could help you essentially build a empire.

Marketing is all around us in the world today. We see marketing everywhere we go and even if we don't go anywhere. It is all over the streets, across store logos, and even in our own homes. We see marketing both on television commercials and on television shows. We are exposed to marketing every time we go to a sports arena, whether it is to watch basketball, baseball, or football.

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