Market Samurai Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool developed by Internet marketer Brent Hodgson along with some behind-the-scenes programmers. This software tool helps people to find keywords that receive enough searches to bring in traffic but not so many that there is too much competition. Along with keyword research, Market Samurai also helps people get backlinks to their websites and publish articles to different directories.

Detailed Overview

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool with a lot of extra added features. There are several keyword research tools on the market; some are free, and some are not. Most of them are decent enough and relatively simple. When it comes to finding good keywords for search engine optimization, Hodgsonís keyword research tool does what it is supposed to, but it isnít so far ahead of the pack that it is deemed the only keyword research tool worth buying. It is very good at keyword research, but not surprisingly so. What does set Market Samurai apart, however, is the fact that it has other features separate from keyword research that help people with other aspects of their marketing.

Market Samurai has a feature that helps you find relevant content for your sales website, including articles and videos. Though you canít just copy any articles off of the web, there are a lot of articles in directories that are available to put on your websites as long as you give credit to the author and link to them if applicable. There are also promotion features in this tool to help you get ranked high in the search engines, and it can help you use the Google Adwords program to get sales without losing money.

The biggest complaint about Market Samurai is that it was too difficult for many people to understand. The instructions that come with the tool often use terms that a beginning Internet marketer might not understand, and this can stall their progress when trying to use it. One way to address this issue if youíre interested in this product is to try out their free trial version, and do some research on anything you come across that you find confusing.

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For the time that it has been out, Market Samurai has enjoyed positive feedback from most of its users. Even beginning marketers who are confused by some of the features and the terms used to describe procedures have been pleased with the quick and useful help that they get from customer service. This tool looks like it will prove to be a staple for a lot of marketers.

Domain "Whois"

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The owner of "Market Samurai" has purposely made their Whois information private. While not always a bad thing, this could mean they have something to hide.

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