Marian Kraus Photography: Where Photography Is A Fine Art

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If you're looking for a fine art photographer in Chicago, look no further than Marian Kraus Photography. Captured with the eyes of a true artist, this photographer's portfolio has been exhibited throughout the US as well as internationally. His work is considered collectible and with good reason—this Chicago-based fine art photographer truly brings back the art into fine art photography. Based on a combination of professional background and personal outlook, Marian Kraus' work has an elegance and humanism which is rare even in the photography business.

Going beyond the idea of the picture—or indeed, work of art—as an object, a mere representation of a higher reality, Kraus' photographs try and capture the essence of that higher reality itself. In the Marian Kraus collection, no corporate boardroom is merely a place of business. The Kraus lens zooms into the intimate details of the human face to capture the humanity behind a corporate negotiation. Likewise, even his photographs depicting inanimate objects are able to peer under the surface and expose the universe in which these objects exist. His photograph of a child on a swing captures the carefree joy in the closed eyes of the child as well as the magnitude of the force of nature that is pushing her swing.

Indeed, the tag of ‘fine art' photographer would be too limited to describe this long-standing doyen of Chicago photography. If the role of the artist is to depict the human in everyday life, Marian Kraus is indeed an artist; and a philosopher; and a poet. His pictures ask questions while describing in ways that words can never hope to, the infinite poetry of existence. Even something as seemingly commonplace as a corporate portrait is more than a face that smiles at you. More to the point, it is a smile that faces you; makes you take notice of it and marvel at its existence.

Based on the belief that fine art photography is more than just images on paper, every item that has come under the lens of this fine art photographer from Chicago leaps out of the page and expresses a thought, an idea, a sensation.

Born in Czechoslovakia, Marian Kraus has been a fine art photographer for 12 years. During that course of time, he has been able to endow his work with that rare combination of elegance and perfection that makes good fine art photography, great.

Consider adding photographs from this Chicago fine art photographer's portfolio to your own private collection. They might just make you see life in a different way.

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