Marian Kraus Photography – Offering Superb Commercial And Fine Art Photography

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The art of photography often offers a new perspective of familiar views. A skilled photographer, like an architect, can use the skills of his trade to produce a work that is more than straightforwardly functional. The knowledge and the skill to correctly adjust the aperture, shutter speed, focus, and subject lighting is critical to producing excellent photographs, but the unique perspective, the capturing the essence of a brief moment of action, is where photography becomes an art.

Located near Chicago, Illinois, Marian Kraus is one photographer who has elevated his work to an artistic level. Mr. Kraus' work seeks to present an unexpected view of the familiar in order to encourage open-mindedness and provide, for viewers, a perspective beyond the expected. His commercial photography and fine art photography coax the viewer to pause and open their minds to see something new in an environment which may be all too familiar. Especially highlighted by his architecture-themed collections of streetscapes, doors and individual elements, Mr. Kraus' work thrives on the creativity of unique perspective. His prints of unusual views of nature and man-made architecture, available for purchase online, are a form of art that he trusts will speak to the viewer's spirit. Through his photography, Mr. Kraus endeavors to share the precision and the delicacy of nature that he sees, the beauty that is present in the everyday.

Marian Kraus' commercial photography and fine art photography embody the fascinating fundamental precept of the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is a principle that dictates that all things strive for beauty and completeness both in nature and in art. Structures, forms, proportions and organic life forms naturally seek to visually enhance their environments. The Golden Ratio purports that a trained eye can see these patterns of order and charm in all that is seen and heard. Particularly in his fine art photography, The Golden Ratio is captured on film to challenge the viewer to broaden his or her normal frame of reference.

With a broad range of experience in commercial photography, Marian Kraus is able visually communicate the vitality of a building's interior. His artistic bent shines through on even the most mundane interior assignments as he captures the subtlest uniqueness of a room. Hotel rooms, office building lobbies, restaurants, retail interiors and enormous exhibition rooms are all photographed at angle and from a perspective that speaks volumes to a viewer. The Golden Ratio is at work no matter what the subject.

Marian Kraus' collections of abstract fine art photography demonstrate purer visions of beauty. Photographs of sand are visually interpreted as in such a way as to communicate the feeling of a place. The quiet stillness of a sand-covered vista in Death Valley, California imparts the dry heat of the day. The moon and solitary visible star set against a purple sky at sunset speak of peace and connectedness. This is art that communicates.

For more information or to view the gallery, visit MarianKrausPhotography.

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